Reasoning Short-cut(Input-Output)

These types of questions regularly come in the competitive examinations. Although they may look complex but they are not so tough. Only factor in that they are time-consuming and time is premium in a competitive test these days.

What is this
Generally one is asked to imagine that there is some kind of computer or Machine. This machine have to given a instruction to perform certain kind of action in each step after that is gave a desire output.

Guideline to solve this type of question

(1) 1st see output then input because without knowing what is final result you may be confused.
Let suppose there is a pen it made  with ink, nib, plastic cover etc. first if you will see the pen then you imagine how this pen made. Otherwise you have to give ink, nib plastic cover than you not imagine what happened. So, 1st step should be see the output.
(2) 2nd step is the ‘see input’.
(3) 3rd step is ‘see other steps that how the output formed’.

(1) We cannot find previous step means if 5th step or 4th step is given and we have to find out 3rd, 2nd and input. Then we cannot find it.
So, our answer will be Cannot be determined


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