Sunday, 27 May 2012

SBI Exam GK Question(1st sitting)

1.Earth summit 2012 will be held in _______?
2.Aids day?
3.Chief justice of india?
4.Ranbir Kapoor won best actor for film ____?
5.Russia which is now presently a member will be formally accepted in which group in 2012?
6.Pzez Pratibha Patil term will end in ____?
7.What does ‘D’ stand for in SDR?
8.Which agency regulate share market in India?
9.Which agency proposed teaching of financial in school?
10.WAsim Jafffer is associated with which sport?
11.Current CRR?
12.Against which country violation of human rights?
13.French Prez?
14.Who was guest of honour for republic day?
15.who is kamla prasad bissesar
16.which term is related to football-

1.Rio de janeiro (Brazil)
2.1 December
3.S.H Kapadia
5.OPtions g-8 g-20 WTO Security council OPEC
6.July 25
12.Sri Lanka
13.New prez option not given
14.Yingliuck shinawatra
15. T& T PM

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harshit gupta said...

swabhiman capmaign for 73000 villages...

harshit said...

opec summit 2011 was held in ???

omkara said...

1.Nobel prize2011 for peace ?
2.Nobel prize2012 for literature ?
3.Ex-Railway Minister

omkara said...

4. Ranji Trophy Belongs to which sports?
5. GDP divided by National income is equal to?
6. Which disease completed one year of 'no report' ?

Anonymous said...

opec summit-held in vienna
ranji trophy-cricket
ex-railway min- dinesh triwedi
nobel prize for peace-kaarman


IBPS PO 2012 & Ugc Net exam on Same date...17 jube will lost many aspirants chance those who applied for both...

vinu007 said...


vinu007 said...

yess 70000 covered..

vinu007 said...

leema bovi,tawakul karman,ellan jhonson sirleaf...

thomas transtromer

dinesh trivedi...

vinu007 said...



ravi said...

Elen johnson sirleaf,leymah gbowee,tawakul karman
thomas transtomer
dinesh trivedi

NARESH said...

thanks u dear.....

Anonymous said...

1.Nobel prize2011 for peace ?ellen johnson sirleaf
2.Nobel prize2012 for literature ? transformer
3.Ex-Railway Minister. dinesh trivedi

Anonymous said...

4. cricket
5. per capita income.
6. polio

chandu said...

plz upload sbi 03-06-2012 paper

sandip das said...

Any bengali friends ........?????????

Anonymous said...

nobel prize for literature was not asked in mrng shift..

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