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Directions-(1-5) Study the following information to answer the given questions
8 players A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H from two different teams X and Y (4 players each) are seated around a square table - two on each side. Players from team X are facing towards the centre and players from team Y are facing away from the centre.
Only one player of team X has both the neighbours from team Y while none of the players from team Y has both the neighbours from team X.
Both the neighbours of A are from his own team. C and F belong to team Y and only E is sitting between them. G is facing away from the centre and is third to the left of H. B has a player from his own team on his immediate left.
1.    Who amongst the following is sitting third to the left of D?
(1) A                      (2) B               
(3) E                      (4) H               
(5) Cannot be determined
2.    Who amongst the following cannot be a neighbour of F?
(1) B                      (2) A               
(3) G                      (4) Both A and G        
(5) Both A and B
3.    Which of the following is true regarding C?
(1) C sits at immediate right of E
(2) C and B belong to the same team
(3) C and D are neighbours
(4) C is second to the left of B
(5) None of these
4.    Which of these does not belong to team X?
(1) A                      (2) E               
(3) H                      (4) B               
(5) None of these
5.    Who is sitting to the immediate left of B?
(1) C                      (2) E               
(3) F                      (4) H               
(5) Cannot be determined

Directions-(6 -7): Four of the following five are alike in a certain way based on the given seating arrangement and thus form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to that group?
6.     (1) ED                  (2) FH             
(3) BD                   (4) AG            
(5) EC
7.     (1) GD                  (2) EB            
(3) EC                   (4) BH                        
(5) AD

Directions (8 - 11): Read the given information carefully and answer the questions given below:
Six persons Amit, Sam, Sujit, Deepak, Esha and Mona are sitting around a circular table facing the centre.
Sujit is sitting exactly between Amit and Mona. Sam is sitting two places to the left of Esha. Deepak is sitting two places to the right of Mona.
8.    Between which two persons is Deepak sitting? 
(1). Mona-Sam                 (2) Esha-Sam            
(3) Sujit-Sam                     (4) Amit - Sam           
(5) Cannot be determined
9.     Who is sitting opposite Esha?
(1) Amit                             (2) Sam          
(3) Sujit                              (4) Mona                    
(5) None of these
10.  Which of the following is Amit's neighbour to his right?
(1)Sujit                               (2) Mona        
(3) Sam                            (4) Deepak                 
(5) None of these
11.  Between which of the two persons is Mona sitting? 
(1) Sujit - Deepak               (2) Sujit - Amit              
(3) Deepak-Amit                           (4) Sujit-Sam  
(5) Cannot be determined

Solutions (1-7)

         Team Y                                     Team X
           C/F                                              E                                 

Team Y                                              Team Y
G                                                           F/C                                                                                                                                           

Team X                                               Team Y
     D                                                        B

           Team X                  Team X
                A                             H

Team X is facing the centre and Y is facing outside.



Anonymous said...

can anyone explain 1 to 5

Rishi said...

Admin, can we have the seating arrangement diagram for Ques 1-5

Rohit Gandhi said...

please provide sitting arragnement diagram for 1 - 7

Anonymous said...

i thi

Anonymous said...

i think in 1 to 7 questions some mistake is derr..
wat i noticed is see the 2 nd question.....
from para we got that "C and F belong to team Y and only E is sitting between them"....
soo one side of "F" E was derr.
so anotherside only one letter possible.
according to his answer 2 letters which are B,G are possible...

SOO DER IS A MISTAKE.....................

krishna singh said...

A-x,H-x,B-y,F-y,E-x,C-y,G-y,D-x.... This is the sitting sequence from 1-7

Anonymous said...

hai friend,i get the
answer.i think it is right.

x y
e c
d f
a b
h g

seating arrangement like this

ce fb

gd ah

at the 4 corners 2 people are sit.once u check it.

Anonymous said...

answer of qoestion 5 is option 5

Anonymous said...

B has a player from his own team on his immediate left. bt the figure shows on the left of B neighbour is from team x... so its wrong... some mistake

Somesh Gaur said...

Can any1 tell how we come to knw which team does A belong to?

siva said...

Both the neighbours of A are from his own team. C and F belong to team Y and only E is sitting between them

Anonymous said...

can u pls give answers of sitting arrangement questions asked by IBPS clerk exam 2013?

Aniruddha Das said...

Answer to question 5 is wrong as B is facing outward so its immediate left neighbour is either C/F. So it can't be determined.

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