IBPS Preference: Expert View

Compiled by: Mr Harish Kher, Ex SBI (Senior Faculty at Bank Power - Interview prep)

IBPS result of interview of the candidates has been declared. From 20th February till 28th February candidates who qualify in both written as well as interview will give their preferences for different banks. Each bank has already given the tentative number of vacancies on IBPS category wise i.e. for general, SC, OBC and ST candidates.

Since the marks are now announced, each candidate should carefully go through the number of vacancies available to his category in different banks while applying for the post. A candidate should then evaluate and assess his total score obtained in written as well as interview against other candidates in his category to determine his chances of being allocated to a particular bank. This is important because he has to give preferences for each bank as per the notification of IBPS. On the basis of preference as well as merit the each candidate will be allocated to one of the banks.
So the preferences should be given sensibly. For example if the candidate has got very high score and is confident that he is sure to get his first or second preference he may chose to give top preference for even that bank which has comparatively lower vacancies but is really preferred by him. On the other hand a candidate with comparatively low / modest score should give top preference for those banks which have higher vacancies for his category. (Honestly most of the PSU banks offer more or less same salary and perks structure and there is not much to chose between them. What is important for a candidate is that he should be able to get a job and preferably posting in an area near his home state or that preferred by him.)
Another criterion to be kept in mind is that each bank though pan India organisation has major concentration of branches in a particular part of the country. So while applying for that bank the candidate should realize that there will be greater chances of him getting posted to that part of the country where major net work of the branches exist of that bank. As such a person of Northern part of the country should preferably give higher preference to banks which are north based whereas a candidate from South India should give top preferences for south based banks. Similar principle may be applied for east, west and central India based banks. But these are only general guidelines and candidates may use their commonsense while giving preference for different banks. For any personal queries they may contact their interview guides.