Doubts Clarified: Prerference Filling Process of IBPS Clerk II

In last few days, we are getting lot of queries regarding the preference filling process of IBPS Clerk II. It is our attempt to clarify doubts of candidates regarding the process. Read on-

How to fill my bank preferences on IBPS website:
When you log into IBPS website, you will see a link, which says -  "Register your preferences of Participating Organizations in CWE Clerks-II". You need to click on this link. It will ask for your Roll no/ Registration No. and Password. Filling in the details and you will see a screen like this -

You need to click against each bank as in which preference is that Bank. For example, Allahabad Bank is you 4th choice, you will tick on 4th circle against Allahabad Bank. Also, if Bank of Baroda is your first choice, you should tick 1st Circle against Bank of Baroda.
Please note that you mark only one choice against a bank and vice-versa. Filling of preferences against each bank is mandatory. Also note that your allocation will be considered for your state only (from which you have given the exam).

What is the state-wise-off for final allocation: Since, IBPS has not declared the the ranks of successful candidates, it is very difficult for anybody so tell about the exact cut-off for each state and each category. Candidates can get some idea about the same from comments / marks posted by candidates on website. Also, we are running a poll regarding marks in each category but no one can give you exact figures regarding the same.

What should be the right preference list: It is a personal choice: Most of the PSU Banks (under IBPS) offer similar kind of salary structure and also follow a similar kind of promotion policy (except few favorable policies of Punjab & Bank of Baroda). Also, selected candidates will get posting in their own state only. So, which bank is good for me, is basically a personal choice. Recently, we conducted a survery on regarding the preferred banks (by candidates). Approx 25,000 candidates participated in the poll and the result is given below -

Bank Name
Percentage Votes
Punjab National Nank
Bank of Baroda
Bank of India
Canara Bank
Andhara Bank
Indian Overseas Bank
Central Bank of India
Union Bank of India
Oriental Bank Of Commerce
Allahabad Bank
Indian Bank
Corporation Bank
Syndicate Bank
Punjab & Sindh Bank
Dena Bank
United Bank of India
Bank of Maharashtra
Vijaya Bank

So, it appears from above survey that Punjab National Bank is the most preferred bank followed by Bank of Baroda. So, for a beginners, who do not have much idea about each PSU Bank and who have no personal liking, this can be a perfect preference list.

What if I make a mistake in filling my preferences: Don't worry. Filling preference in any oder will not mar your chances of getting a final allocation. If you are above a certain cut-off, you will definitely get a bank and if you are below that you will not get any bank. The only impact of filling preference list in a different order is  - that you may get a difference bank, by filling the preference in different order. Please note, it is mandatory to mark all 20 preferences on IBPS website and by filling all preferences, it is ensured that as per your merit, you will definitely get a bank if your marks are above certain cut-off.

When will the final result of preference filling process, be announced:
As per IBPS Notification, final result will be announced in May (Most probably in the first week of May 2013).

If you have any doubts, which are not addressed here, please post the same here, we will try to clarify as soon as possible.