Select the most appropriate word for the blank to make the sentence meaningful.
1.    Fact is often stranger than _________.
(1) fancy                               (2) fiction
(3) imagination                     (4) dream

2.    He is very _______ of his age.
(1) premature                    (2) unmature
(3) Permature                    (4) immature

3.    The court has absolved him ________ all the charges leveled against him.
(1) off                                (2) with
(3) in                                  (4) from

4.    All civilized nations now believe in _______ treatment of prisoners.
(1) human                         (2) humane
(3) humanitarian                (4) humiliating

5.    Irregular supply of electricity can _____ in wastage of electricity.
(1) cause                           (2) result
(3) affect                           (4) effect

6.    His father  introduced him at an _____ age to the game of cricket.
(1) inquisitive                     (2) insensible
(3) impressionable            (4) impressive

7.     You are welcome to partake ________ their light refreshment.
(1) in                                  (2) for
(3) at                                  (4) of

8.    The hotel was not too expensive _______
(1) was it?                         (2) wasn’t it?
(3) is it?                             (4) isn’t it?

9.    Like humans, zoo animals must have a dentist _______ their teeth.
(1) fill                                 (2) filled
(3) filling                            (4) to be filled

10.  it was very kind of you to do the washing –up but you _____ it.
(1) didn’t have to do         
(2) hadn’t to do
(3) mightn’t have done
(4) mustn’t have done

11.  The court _____ cognisance of the criminal’s words.
(1) took                              (2) made
(3) gave                             (4) allowed

12.  _______ wins this civil war there will be little rejoicing at the victory.
(1) Whichever                   (2) Whoever
(3) Whatever                     (4) Wherever

Answers with Explanations: 
1.    (2) :
Explanation: The antonym of fact is fiction here the antonym will be used. The comparison of the apposite things is there. Thus antonyms can help us.

2.    (4)
Explanation: Premature refers to time it means happening before expected time where as immature means not sensible in behavior or in controlling one’s feeling. Thus you will have to distinguish the slightly difference of meaning. It can be achieved by vocabulary.

3.    (4)
Explanation: Absolved follows preposition of or From

4.    (2)
Explanation: Humane means showing kind(दयालु) , humanitarian (मानवीय), humiliating(अपमानजनक) human means connected with the human being.

5.    (2)
Explanation: Result is followed by preposition “in” when it is used as a verb.
6.    (3)
Explanation: Inquisitive means having a desire to know insensible means having to understand or stupid; impressive mean which can impress others or impressionable means having a tendency to be impressed by others.

7.    (4)
Explanation: Partake means to take part and it follows the preposition of.

8.    (2)
Explanation: Not and too both are negative and two negative give a sense of positive and a positive statement require a negative question tag.

9.    (1)
Explanation: Their teeth has not been used as an object therefore to be filled cannot be used for passive construction. Again filled is wrong as sentence is a present tense. filling would have been used if the sentence were of the continuous nature.

10.  (1)
Explanation: The expression did not have to do it is appropriately usable in the blank space in coordination with the concern sentence of simple past use of had not to do is also unacceptable.

11.  (1)
Explanation: Cognisance means knowledge Take cognisance of is an expression in use.

12.  (2)
Explanation: whoever refers to human being. whichever is generally used for animals and things.