Find out which part of a sentence has an error.
1.    The families /(a) are living in Gulmohar Park / (b) for the last two decades./(c) No error./ (d)

2.    Two lakhs of people /(a) attended the meeting/(b) held in Parade grounds./(c) No error./(d)

3.    There is a Bach’s violin concerto /(a) on the radio / (b) at 6 p.m. this evening./ (c) No error/(d)

4.    Lay your books aside and / (a) lay down to rest / (b) for a while. / (c) No error / (d)

5.    We went / (a) with Guptas to a /(b) movie called ‘Deewar’ . /(c)  No error / (d)

6.    Once an old hermit / (a) saw a cat /(b) pounce upon a rat./ (c) No error. /(d)

7.    A computer virus works exactly / (a) like the biological variety / (b) which invade the human body/ (c) No error. / (d)

8.    When I first    started my school / (a) my boys had / (b) no evident love for music. / (c) No error. / (d)

9.    My uncle / (a) has left / (b) for Bombay last Saturday. / (c) No error. / (d)

10.   Don’t think / (a) you can deceive me / (b) like you did my brother. / (c) No error. /(d) 

1.    (b)
Explanation: Change are living into have been living continuous + since / for + Unit of time are the features of perfect continuous tense.

2.    (a)
Explanation: Change lakhs into lakh. Hundred, thousand, lakh etc are used singular after numbers.

3.    (d)

4.    (b)
Explanation: Change lay into lie. These are to different words lay (रखना) laid, laid and lie (लेटना )lay, lain are the forms . Lie is used for living.

5.    (b)
Explanation: Insert the before Guptas. Guptas are known to the subject.

6.    (d)
Explanation: Pounce on / upon is a Phrasal word means move to attack quickly.

7.    (b)
Explanation: Exactly and like never go together.

8.    (b)
Explanation: Change boys into students or pupils.

9.    (b)
Explanation: Omit has. Last yesterday and ago refer to simple past.

10.  (c)
Explanation: change like into as. Like is used for similarity as is used for examples.