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G.K. QUIZ FOR S.B.I. P.O - 2013

1.    Which of the following statements is true about Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme?
(1) The DBT Plan was introduced on 1st January 2013 with seven schemes in 20 districts
(2) Under DBT scheme, benefits such as scholarships ,pensions, and MGNREGA wages will be directly credited to the bank or post office accounts of identified beneficiaries.
(3)The DBT is designed to improve targeting, reduce corruption, eliminate waste, control expenditure, and facilitate reforms.
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these

2.     Which is the correct definition of ‘Demand for Grants’?
(1) The estimates of revenue included in the Budget and required to be voted by Lok Sabha
(2) The estimates of expenditure included in the Budget and required to be voted by Rajya Sabha
(3) The estimates of expenditure included in the Budget and required to be voted by Lok Sabha
(4) The estimates of expenditure and revenue included in the Budget and required to be voted by Lok Sahba
(5) All of the above

3.    As per Budget 2013-14, which of the following is/ are TURE in context of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises?
(1) Refinancing capacity of SIDBI raised to Rs.10,000 crore.
(2) A corpus of Rs 1000 crore to SIDBI to set up a Credit Guarantee Fund for factoring
(3) Sum of Rs . 500 crore provided to India Microfinance Equity Fund.
(4) Benefits or preferences enjoyed by MSME to continue upto three years.
(5) None of these

4.    As per a recent survey, Delhi has been voted as the most unsafe metro city in the country by women. Which of the following cities has been voted the most safe in India?
(1) Ahmedabad                 (2) Mumbai
(3) Bangalore                    (4) Lucknow
(5) Kolkata

5.    According to a government survey, _____ has retained the top position in the coveted lkist of 10 most profit – making PSUs
(1) BSNL                           (2) MTNL
(3) ONGC                         (4) BHEL
(5) NTPC

6.    Binod Chaudhary, the owner of popular instant noodle brand Wai Wai has made it to the Forbes’ billionaire list. He belongs to
(1) Mauritius                      (2) Nepal
(3) Myanmar                     (4) Bangladesh
(5) Sri Lanka

7.    Recently Mr. Lyonpo Wangdi Norbu in  news. He is a ____?
(1) Finance Minister of Bhutan
(2) Finance Minister of China
(3) Finance Minister of Bangladesh
(4) Finance Minister of Sri Lanka
(5) None of these
8.    Hamadi Jabeli resigned from the office of the Prime Minister of ___?
(1) Tanzania                      (2) Tunisia      
(3) Tajikistan                     (4) Tasmania  
(5) Turkey

9.    Which of the following Statements is/are False?
(1) President Pranab Mukherjee has appointed new governors for Tripura, Bihar, Odisha, Nagaland and Kerala
(2) S.C. Jamir has been appointed as the Governor of Odisha
(3) The Governor of Tripura Dr. D.Y. Patil has been appointed as the new Governor of Bihar for his remaining Term
(4) The President Shifted Nagaland Governor Nikhi Kumar for his remaing term as the Governor of Kerala
(5) Dr. Ashwani Kumar will take the charge of new Governor of Meghalya

10.  Name India’s first new-generation subsonic cruise missile which was test fired from the Integrated Test Range in Chandipur in Odisha recently. It can hit the target within a range of 750 to 1000 kilometers.
(1) Nirbhay                        (2) Brahmos   
(3) Trishul                          (4) Dhanush   
(5) None of these



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Pm of bhutan

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Pm of bhutan

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The Commission has decided that the Combined Graduate Level
Examination 2013, which was initially scheduled to be held on 14th April, 2013 will
now be held on 19th May, 2013.
Revised Admission Certificates would be uploaded on the website in due course.
Regional Director(CR)

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