Thursday, 25 April 2013

G.K. QUIZ on Current Affairs

1.    Anna Ushenia won the Women’s World Championship Crown of Chess 2012. From which country she belongs to___?
(1)  South Korea                            (2) China        
(3) Japan                                       (4) Ukraine     
(5) Hungary

2.    Recently Narendra Kohli was conferred with Vyas Samman 2012?  The award is given by which of the following organization? 
(1) Govt. of India                           (2) K.K. Birla Foundation
(3) Sahitya Academy                    (4) Banaras Hindu University
(5) Tata Group

3.    “Walking with Lions: Tales from a Diploamatic Past’ is a book written by:
(1) Shashi Tharoor                        (2) K. Natwar Singh
(3) Hamid Ansari                           (4) L.K. Advani
(5) None of these

4.    In which of the following Tulsi Tanti is well known for?
(1) Hydropower Business
(2) Wind power Business
(3) Real Estate Business
(4) Retail Industry Business
(5) Investment Business

5.    In context with banking and investment market, what is the correct full form of ODI?
(1) Overseas Derivative Investors
(2)  Overseas Derivative Investments
(3) Overseas Direct Investments
(4) Offshore Derivative Instruments
(5)  Offshore Debt Instruments

6.    Consider the following statements with respect to the first –of-it -kind all women bank proposed by the Union Finance Minister in the budget of the financial year 2013-14?
(A) A committee headed by MBN Rao has been set up to prepare a blueprint for the bank and will submit its recommendations by April 30. The bank is expected to start functioning from November 2013.
(B)  The Finance Minister has proposed an initial capital of Rs 1,000 crore for the bank.
(C) The proposed bank will employ mostly women and support the business run by mostly women
Which of the following statements is/are correct?
(1) Only A                                     (2) Only B
(3) Only C                                     (4) Only A & B
(5) All are true

7.    Which among the following States has won the Prestigious National e-Governance Award for 2012-13, for its ‘Sparsh Abhiyan’ aimed towards the disabled and the aged?
(1) Odisha                                     (2) MP            
(3) Maharashtra                            (4) UP            
(5) None of these

8.    Who among the following is the head of the one-man inquire committee appointed by the government to inquire into reports on the US lobbying activities of Wal-Mart for access to India market?
(1) V.N. Khare                               (2) Y.K. Sabharwal    
(3) Mukul Mudgal                          (4) R.C. Lahoti             
 (5) None of these

9.   Milos Zeman became the first directly elected President of ____?
(1) Cuba                                        (2) Ukraine     
(3) Czech Republic                       (4) Argentina  
(5) Iran

10.  India signed MoUs for co-operation in MSMEs with which among the following countries?
(1) Mynamar                                 (2) China        
(3) Indonesia                                 (4) Bangladesh           
(5) Vietnam



Anonymous said...

6 ans should be 5

Anonymous said...

but in the bank power magazine it was 4 for ques 6,plz help regrding this...

Anonymous said...

6 ka ans 4 hoga ....har jaga check kiya ans 4 hi bata raha hai..

Anonymous said...

The bank will run mostly by women and it would provide funds for the entrepreneurial initiatives by women.

Bank for women..ab ismey kya galat hai. Sahi to Ans (5)

Anonymous said...

abe bhai logon 5th hi shi ans hai....ur ans is crrct admin...

Anonymous said...

Yha sala ssc ke exam mein Question galat hai is bar ka ek..Reasoning section ka. option hi nai hai. Galtiyan to har jgah hai dnt blame to anyone just see what kind of servie they are providing to their readers. Good job Admin..

Anonymous said...

han bhai shi bol rha hai..yr mera bi ssc evening shift me tha 3-4 question galat the & DI me to ek question diagram se match hi nhi ho rha log paghte likhte to h ni bs cmmnt kr dete hain...

abhishek said...

6 ka ans 5 hi hoga bcz the bank will run by the ladies professionals only

Anonymous said...

Its correct here and also in Bank power magazine. I see the Qs. difference is :

The proposed bank will employ mostly women and support the business run by mostly women

In magzine mostly ki jagh Only hai..So here ans is 5 and in mazgine ans is also correct (4).

Gus dont comment like this without checking.and please dont confuse others too and also dont blame mazine and Admin.

Rupesh Jain

Anonymous said...

Bank power ki Magazine kha se milegi. I need it. What is the cost? Admin plz reply. I want to buy it.

Nishtha Jain said...

plzzz update sum lic aao ga questions

Anushka Pandey said...
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Anonymous said...

abe chutiye 6 ka ans 5 hi hai

Anonymous said...

pls update the current affaires and also give the monthly pdf help the students

Anonymous said...

pls give the details of insurance exams

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