Wednesday, 8 May 2013


1.   The assassin was convicted/(a) and ordered to be hung/(b)even    though the defence lawyer handled the case efficiently./(c)No error /(d).
2.    Being unable to / (a) cope up with the syllabus / (b) he discontinued    the course. / (c) No error /(d)
3.    If I was told earlier / (a) I would have / (b) certainly helped you / (c) No error (d)
4.    Alms / (a) are given / (b) to the poors / (c) No error/ (d)
5.    Mrs. Pratap , being a good teacher /(a) she is selected / (b) for the National Award / (c)No error/ (d)
6.    We have to / (a) insure that members /(b) fulfill the requirements. (c) No error/ (d)
7.    No sooner did the teacher / (a) enter the class / (b) when the students stood up. / (c) No error/ (d)
8.    The type of qualities you acquire / (a) depend upon your company / (b) and so you associate yourselves with simple and good natured people. / (c) No error/ (d)
9.    The earth’s atmosphere / (a) comprises of / (b) numerous gases. / (c) No error/ (d)
10.  He / (a) takes pain / (b) over his work. / (c) NO error /(d)

1.    (b)
Explanation: Change be hung into be hanged. If the verb hang refers to the hanging of a person the form of verbs are hang, hanged, hanged.

2.    (b)
Explanation: Preposition up is not followed with cope.

3.    (a)
Explanation: Change was into had. In if tense had + V3 ­­­à would have + V3

4.    (c)
Explanation: Change poors into poor. The plural is poor itself.

5.    (b)
Explanation:  Change is selected into has been selected. It should be a passive voice.

6.    (b)
Explanation: Change insure into ensure. Ensure means to make certain or definitely true to oneself
7.    (c)
Explanation: Change When into than. No sooner is followed by than.

8.    (a)
Explanation: Omit type of . Qualities itself attribute the specific features.

9.    (b)
Explanation: Change comprises of into comprised of, Comprises of gas cannot be a habitual fact, therefore it will be simple past.

10.  (b)
Explanation: Take pains is a phrase and means go to great pains to put a lot of effort, therefore change pain to pains.


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