IBPS Clerk II - SMS and Email to Selected Candidates

This is to clarify the doubts of the candidates, who have been finally qualified for a Bank Allottment in IBPS Clerk II, (who have cleared the cut-off) but not received any SMS/Email from IBPS yet.

Please note the following -

1. If you have cleared the cut-off as given on IBPS website, there is no need to worry. You will definitely get a Bank Allotted to you. So, relax and enjoy your moment. SMS and Email both will eventually come to you. Also, the allotted Bank will also contact you within 15 days (approx) regarding your allotment and posting location.

2. There is no waiting list as of now. But as IBPS has mentioned in its notification, that depending on further vacancies (new) and how many many allotted candidates join, there may be multiple iterations of bank allotment. Suppose, out of current allocations, 5000 candidates do not join and in next 3 months further 10,000 new vacancies are created in banks, in such scenarios, IBPS can do next round of allotment for those who missed the allotment this time (this is an example only). Please note, next iteration for bank allotment to IBPS Clerk II qualified candidates might take 3-6 months or more depending on above scenarios.

3. IBPS started sending SMS/Email yesterday but the process is yet not over. As per our information, all candidates should receive SMS by today but email might take some time (upto 2-3 days).

4. Also, while looking for email from IBPS, do check your spam mail box, as many times it lands in spam also.

5. For those, who have missed the cut-off and not allotted a bank, guys do not take it as a failure, take it as a learning. Believe me the race is long. Nobody know, who will be where after 10 year or 20 years down the line. Think positive and take it as a challenge. You have missed IBPS Clerk, but options have not yet over. IBPS PO 3 is round the corner. Who knows that after a year, you will be a PO in the same bank, in which, currently selected candidates are working as clerk. Take life positively and have a longer vision in life. You all are still young and life is waiting for you. Always remember -

"Girte hain sheh-sawar hi maidain-e-jung mein,

Woh tifl kya gire, jo ghutno ke bal chalein"