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Direction (1-7): Study the given information and answer the following questions:

Eight friends M, N, O, P, Q, R, S and T are sitting around circular table and belong to eight different states Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana, Kerala and Maharashtra. They read three Newspapers in Hindi, English and Punjabi. At least two persons read one news paper not necessarily in the same order.
Only P and Q read Hindi Newspaper. P is third to right of Q. M is from Kerala reads English Newspaper and is sitting immediate right of Q. R is from Chandigarh and reads Punjabi Newspaper. T reads the same Newspaper as S reads who is third to left of R and fourth to right of N. O is sitting exact opposite of P who belongs to UP. Persons belongs to Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh read English Newspaper. S is from Haryana while N is from Andhra Pradesh reads English Newspaper. T is from Punjab.

1.      Who does not read English Newspaper?
(1) O                                (2) N
(3) M                                (4) T
(5) None of these
2.      From which state Q belongs?
(1) UP                              (2) Bihar
(3) Maharashtra               (4) Andhra Pradesh
(5) None of these
3.      Which of the following is not correct combination?
(1) T-Punjab-Punjabi       (2) Q-Kerala-Hindi
(3) O-Maharashtra-English        
(4) P-UP-Hindi
(5) All are correct combinations
4.      Which two persons are sitting adjacently who read Punjabi Newspapers?
(1) RT                              (2) RN
(3) RS                              (4) TS
(5) None of these

Directions (5-7): Given questions one based on the above question. One group does not match to group find that one.
5.       (1) OQ                            (2) RN            
(3) PT                              (4) MS
(5) MO
6.       (1) PQ                             (2) RS            
(3)TR                               (4) OM
7.       (1) NOQ                         (2) OQM
(3)QMS                           (4) SPT
(5) TNR

Directions (8-12): study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W and Z are eight friends studying in three different engineering colleges. A, B and C in three disciplines- Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics with not less than two and not more than three in any college. Not more than three of them study in any of the three disciplines. W studies Electrical in college B with only T, who studies Mechanical, P and Z do not study in college C and study in the same discipline but not Electrical. R studies Mechanical with V, who studies Electrical. S studies Mechanical and does not study in the same college where R studies. Q does not study Electronics.

8.      Which of the following combinations of college student specialization is correct?
(1) C-R Electronics                     (2) A-Z Electrical
(3) B-W Electronics                     (4) B-W Electrical
(5) B-Z Electronics
9.      In which of the following colleges do two students study in Electrical disciplines?
(1)A only                          (2) B only
(3) C only                         (4) cannot be determined
(5) None of these
10.    In which discipline does Q study?
(1) Electrical                               
(2) Mechanical
(3) Electrical or Mechanical
(4) Data inadequate                    
(5) None of these
11.    In which of the colleges at least one student studies in Mechanical discipline?
(1)A only                                      (2) B only
(3) C only                                     (4) both A and B
(5) All A, B and C
12.    S studies in which college?
(1) A                                             (2) B
(3) A or B                                     (4) Data inadequate
(5) None of these

Solutions (1-7)
1. (4):
2. (2):
3. (2):
4. (1):
5. (5):
6. (3):
7. (5):

Solutions (8-12):


8. (4)
9. (3)
10. (1)
11. (5)
12. (1)


Anonymous said...

Today how was LIC AAO paper?plz provide the GK pattern and also other pattern exam is held tomorrow.plz describe it shortly.

Anonymous said...

Mine paper was good today..In GS they ask from Banking and Budget area..Reasoning is easy but Maths is lengthy..

Swati Sharma

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone I have done 133 in LIC AAO paper today...Every section is medium..hope to get interview call from LIC..As I believe I will become officer this time.

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Very hard paper..I do only 11o Qs..

ritesh said...

its easy.

Anonymous said...

Sir in puzzle the alphabets are 9 u said 8 friends.plz alphabet U is to exclude.

Anonymous said...

Hi admin sir please upload gk capsule for uiic ao exam

Anonymous said...

In question 8-12 there are 9 frnds instead of 8. wrong question.

Anonymous said...

yea swati..u r wright g.k reasoning ,computer ws gud but maths...

Anonymous said...

Where is U gone in que 8-12

Rupesh Ranjan said...

for the above reasoning is there any shortcut trick,
it takes too much that i cant effort to give such a long time in examination.
Either tell me shortcut trick or tell me process to solve it very fast.

Anonymous said...

Please explain answer for Q.6.

nikhil kaushik said...

these puzzles are quite damn easy..u just have to make table and fill it according to the question...

Anonymous said...

Hi Admin,

A correction in second problem: There should be 8 friends but instead there are 9. Please take a look....

Rajesh said...

t and s position in first question's solution is wrong i thing .? sir please correct me

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