Directions (1-7): Study the following information and answer the questions given below:

Eight persons P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W from two families are taking breakfast around a round table. Three members are from one family and five belong to other family. Four of them are male members.
T, a male member is sitting second to right of V, a female member. In all cases R has same position with respect to S, who is second to left of Q, a female member. S is wife of W and is sitting adjacent to her husband. U is sister of W and is not sitting between V and T. Q is immediate left of V. W is sitting immediate right of P.

1.    Which of the given statement is wrong?
(1) V is immediate right of S
(2) T is immediate left of P
(3) Q is sitting between U and V
(4) R is second to left of W
(5) V is second to right of U
2.    Who is second to the left of P?
(1) Q                      (2) V               
(3) R                      (4) S               
(5) U
3.    How many persons are sitting between P and Q when we count anticlockwise?
(1) 2                       (2) 3                
(3) 4                       (4) None                     
(5) Cannot be determined
4.    How many members are there in W’s family?
(1) 2                       (3) 3                
(3) 5                       (4) Cannot be determined      
(5) None of these
One group out of five groups does not match on the basis of sitting arrangement. Find that group-
5.    (1) USQ                (2) RVT                      
(3) TRP                 (4) WPS                     
(5) None of these
6.    (1) TW                   (2) PS             
(3) WU                  (4) SQ            
(5) TV
7.    (1) V                      (2) Q               
(3) S                      (4) U               
(5) P

Directions (8-12): Given below some words are coded in a certain language. Study these information and answer the following questions

Take fresh vegetables – le ra sa
Fresh and pure water – sa mi nu te
Take sweet water – ra mi fi
Safe and pure – nu te ze

8.    In this code language what does ‘mi’ stand for-
(1) fresh                (2) and            
(3) pure                 (4) water                     
(5) cannot be determined
9.    Which code must be for ‘pure’?
(1) sa                     (2) mi              
(3) nu                     (4) te               
(5) cannot be determined
10.  How we can write ‘take safe water’ in this code language?
(1) ra ze mi                        (2) ra zi fi        
(3) ze mi la                        (4) ra sa nu                 
(5) ra nu te
11.  In this language ‘go and take’ may be written as:
(1) ne te ra                                    (2) te ra fi       
(3) nu mi sa                       (4) nu ki ra                  
(5) ki te ze
12.  For which word code ‘te’ is used?
(1) nu                                 (2) te               
(3) sa                                 (4) ra              
(5) cannot be determined

Solutions 1-7

1. (4): R is third to left of W.
2. (3): R is second to left of P.
3. (2): There are 3 members in between P and Q in each case.
4. (3) : We cannot determine how many members are there in W’s family.
5. (3): First is sitting between second and third.
6. (5): First is second to the left of second.
7. (5): Except P all are females.

Solutions (8-12)

Conclusions (i) fresh sa            
(II) take ra
(iii) vegetables le                        
(Iv) water mi
(v) sweet fi                                    
(vi) and pure nu fe
(vii) safe ze

8. (4): mi water
9. (5): and  pure nu  fe
10. (1): Take (ra)               safe (ze)              water (mi)
11. (4): Go (New code)  and (nu/tc)         take (ra)               (nu ki ra may be possibilities)
12. (3): te and /pure