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Voice is that property of verb which shows whether the subject is performing or experiencing the action. It is of two types.
(i) Active Vice                        (ii) Passive Voice.

In the Active voice, the emphasis is on the subject whereas in the Passive Voice, the person or thing denoted by the subject does not act but is acted upon, you must have follow some rules to change active voice into passive voice.

Rule 1:
The object of the verb in the Active Voice changes to the subject in the Passive Voice.
 Active Voice का  object passive मे voice subject बन जाता है /

Rule 2: 
Only a transitive verb can be transformed into the Passive Voice because intransitive verb has no object.
केवल Transitive verb passive voice  में परिवर्तित हो जाती है / क्योकि intransitive verb  में objectनहीं होता है /
For Example:
She writes a letter (Active)
The letter is written by her. (Passive)

Rule 3: 
If the verb has two objects. Either of them may be used as the subject, the other remains unchanged.
यदि क्रिया दो objects  के साथ है तो उनमे से एक को subject  बना दे दूसरे को अपरिवर्तित रहने दो -
Active: He told me a story.
Passive: I was told a story by him.
Passive: A story was told to me by him.

Rule 4. The Passive of an Active tense is formed by changing the tense as under and adding the past participle of the active verb.
Passive voice को  Tense के अनुसार परिवर्तित किया जाता है /

For example:
Simple Present
Active Voice                                      Passive Voice
Sohan tells a story                              A story is told by Sohan.
Do you not tell lies?                             Are lies not told by you?
                                    Simple Past
He wrote a letter.                                A letter was written by him.
Did he write a letter?                            Was a letter written by him?
                                    Present Continuous
She is writing a letter.                          A letter is being written by her.
Is He looking at the picture?               Is the picture being looked at by him?
                                    Past Continuous
He was writing a letter                        A letter was being written by him.
Were you writing a letter?                   Was a letter being written by you?
                                    Present Perfect
I have not written a letter.                   A letter has not been written by me.
Has he taken tea?                               Has tea been taken by him?
                                    Past Perfect
He had seen the Zoo.                         The zoo had been seen by him.
Had you met him before?                   Had he been met before by you?
                                    Future Indefinite
I shall help you with money.               You will be helped with money by me.
will you attend the meeting?               Will the meeting be attended by you?
                        Future continuous has no passive voice.
                                    Future Perfect.
He will have written a letter.                A letter will have been written by him.
Will you have found the truth?            Will the truth have been found by you?

Rule 5:
 Modals: All modals are followed by ‘Be + V 3 ; may/ might, Can/ could, Will / shall, Would/ should, ought to / used to, must.
ऊपर दिए गए  Modals के साथ  be + 3    में परिवर्तित होते है : -
 Active: He may attend the meeting.
Passive: The meeting may be attended by him.

Rule 6:
 Interrogative or Wh – words: Where, what, who how, why have not object. So change ‘wh- words’ into wh words + helping verb and when ‘who’ is followed by verb or helping verb and there is no subject. So change ‘who’ into by whom + helping verb.

Who  जब helping verb or verb के साथ हो और subject  कोई न हो तो passive voice  में by whom में बदली हो जाता है और जब what, where, why, how  से आरंभ होजाता है तथा कभी कभी object  भी नहीं होता है  तो wh- words  को  wh- words + helping verb में बदली करते है -

For Example:
Active: Who stole the book?
Passive: By whom was the book stolen?

Rule 7 : Imperative Sentences:
(a) Imperative sentences (request, order, command, advice? start from ‘ you are requested to/ you are ordered to / you are advised to / you are commanded to’
For example:
Active: Fire at once
Passive: You are commanded to fire at once.

(b) Sentence beginning with first form of the verb. Sometimes such sentences have an object then the following method is to be used.
Imperative sentence का अर्थ जब वाक्य  first form of the verb से आरम्भ होता है  इस वाक्यों को निम्न तरीके से बनाया जाता हे -
Let + s + be + 

For example:
Active: Prepare tea.
Passive: Let tea be prepared.

(c) Sentences beginning with ‘Please’ or Kindly’ should be changed as you are requested to + V1 ……….
For example:
Active: Please take your seat.
Passive: You are requested to take your seat.

Rule 8:
Sentences beginning with ‘it is time to’ Change such sentence as under:
जब वाक्य ' It is time to'  से आरम्भ होता है तो उसको निम्न तरीके से किया जाता है -
It is time + for + object + to be + 
For example:
Active: It is time to reap the harvest.
Passive: It is time for the harvest to be reaped.

Rule 9:
There are some Transitive Verbs that give the sense of the Passive Voice without being changed into the passive.
Active: The milk tastes sour.
Passive: The milk is sour when it is tasted.
Active: The rose smells sweet.
Passive: The rose is sweet when it is smelt.

Rule 10 :
 Understood Subject: Sentences in which the active subject is easily understood from the content, have to be supplied with it while changing of voice:
Active:  He was elected Mayor of Delhi.
Passive: (The People ) elected him Mayor of Delhi.
Active:  Extra trains will be run on holidays.
Passive: The railway will run extra train on holidays.


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