Synonyms:  Incessant, which also refers to something unpleasant that continues without stopping.

2.    Word: CAPRICIOUS
Synonyms: impulsive, whimsical
Explanation: You can criticize a fickle-minded person as capricious, but it could just as well describe quickly changing weather, as in "capricious spring storms."

3.    Word: SCRUTINIZE
Synonyms: audit, inspect
Explanation: If you want to examine something closely and go over every single detail, then you should scrutinize it. Like  the way your mom probably assesses your outfit before you leave the house for school.

4.    Word: PETULANT
Synonyms: fractious, irritable, cranky
Explanation: Petulant to describe a person or behavior that is irritable in a childish way.

5.    Word: MITE
Explanation: Mite is one of many words for a very small amount, like a bit and a jot. A mite is teeny-weeny and itty-bitty. It's not much at all.

6.    Word: TENACIOUS
Synonyms: resolute, firm, and persistent
Explanation: Use tenacious to mean "not easily letting go or giving up," like a clingy child who has a tenacious grip on his mother's hand.

7.    Word: FRAUGHT 
Explanation: Fraught means filled with something — often something bad. Fraught can also describe a situation filled with distress. If relations between two countries are fraught, they are not getting along with each other.

8.    Word: LEVITY
Explanation: Levity is often used to describe humor that's not appropriate to the occasion, like telling your Aunt the joke, "Two corpses walk into a bar..." after her husband has just died.

9.    Word : DIVERSIFIED
Synonyms: Varied
Explanation: If you have diversified something, you have made its parts different from each other. For example, if you want to make your diet more diversified, you make it a point to eat a wider variety of foods, or at least something beyond just scrambled eggs and macaroni and cheese.

10.  Word: EULOGIZE
Synonyms: Praise
Explanation: If you eulogize someone or something, you praise them very highly.