IBPS RRB PO General Awareness Questions 2013

Dear Candidates,

Here we are providing some questions which was asked in General Awareness section in IBPS RRB PO Exam held in 21 - 22 Sept 2013.

1.    Human rights day- 10 Dec.

2.    Ghoomar dance belongs to which state- Rajasthan

3.    Largest rice producing state in India- West Bengal

4.    Riga is the capital of which country- Latvia

5.    How many countries in European union- 28

6.    Full form of ATM- Automated Teller Machine

7.    Uber cup related with- Badminton

8.    At present which country has a female president- South Korea

9.    Chatrapati Shivaji international airport is located in-Maharashtra

10.  Which element is used in pencil?

11.  Head Quarter of WHO- Geneva

12.  Daniel Day-Lewis won best actor award in 85th academy award played as the role of- Abraham Lincoln

13.  Cabinet minister on Agriculture- Sharad Pawar

14.  Risk Cover is used in - Hedging Fund

15.  Question from Gilt edge fund?

16.  Foreign Bank invest in priority sector via - RBI

17.  Kimberley process certificate scheme-diamond

18.  Imagining India-idea of a renewed nation-author name Nandan Nilekani

19.  Baht is the Currency of - Thailand

20.  Who is the first person to be listed to start the census operation every time- President

21.  Jawahar Gram Samridhi Yojna (JGSY) program is implemented by-    Village Panchayat

22.  Prime minister of Japan, Shinjo Abe advocated an economy policy known as- Abenomics

23.  About Inflation?

24.  Bankassurance- Bank & Insurance related products

25.  What do u mean by CRR- Cash Reserve Ratio

26.  Attorney general of India appointed by: President

27.  28th member of EU – Croatia

28.  Who is Raghuram Rajan - RBI Governor

29.  Financial task action force HQ - Paris

30.  SAARC secretariat – Ahmad Saleem

31.  SAARC head office- Nepal (Kathamandu)

32.  Who won the mahathir peace prize – Nelson Mandela

33.  What does a banking ombudsman do – Listen the complaints of the customer related to Banking issues

34.  Nirbhaya allocation in budget – 1000

35.  Max amount transaction in RTGS – No Limit

36.  CEO of World economic forum - klaus schwab

37.  Turning point authour – APJ Abdul kalam

38.  India helped which country in its Election process? 

39.  Scheme in Maoist areas – Roshini

40.  Food security bill:67 percent to get food thru which ? TPDS

41.  SHEKEL currency of which country ? Israel

42.  FIMMDA stands for  - Fixed Income Money Market Dealers Association

43.  Blue Revolution Meant for What? Fisheries

44.  Bharat Chetri Related to which sport? Hockey

45.  Kathakali is folk dance of ---? Kerala

46.  P Sathasivam is in news? he is - CJI of India

47.  Commercial paper is issued by – Corporate

48.  About CSR corporate social responsibility.

49.  GAAR is applicable from - 1st April 2016

50.  Treasury bills, Certificate of deposits, commercial papers traded in which market - Money market


52.  Sarajevo is the capital of - BOSNIA

53.  HDI Index of Rank of India – 136

54.  Nishi Vasudeva is the chairman of – HPCL

55.  Who purchased the business of Royal bank of Scotland - Ratnakar Bank

56.  PPF Max amount in a financial Year – 100000

57.  E-Choupal is from Which Organization – ITC

58.  Foreign trade policy implemented by - Ministry of Commerce, Industry

59.  UNCTAD HQ- Geneva

60.  Highest award in Sport (India) - Rajiv Khel Ratna

61.  FCNR Account - Opend by NRI and IPO's

62.  Father of Nuclear Programme - Homi J BABA

63.  Best Feature film in 60th IIFA Awards - Pan singh Thomar

64.  Committee on Below Poverty line – Tendulkar Committee

65.  Anoop Sridhar is a Famous for- BADMINTON

66.  Sea of Pappies is Written by- AMITAV GHOSH

67.   EFT means Electronic Funds Transfer

68.  Banks didn’t allow loans Beyond – BASE RATE

69.  For participating in President election minimum age is 35 Years

70.  Fiscal Deficit in 2012-13 is 5.2%

71.  SEBI Chairman – U K SINHA

72.  PMAEC chairman – C Rangarajan

73.  Telecom regulator – TRAI

74.  Palk Starit line – India & Sri Lanka

75.  Sardar Sarovar Dam is built on which river- Narmada