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1.    Some nouns are singular in form, but they are used as plural nouns and always take a plural verb.
Cattle, gentry, vermin, peasantry , artillery, people clergy, company , police.
Example :
1. The cattle is grazing in the ground ( Incorrect )

2. The cattle are grazing in the ground ( correct )
2.    Some nouns are always used in a plural form and always take a plural verb.
Trousers, scissors, spectacles stockings, shorts measles, goods, alms, premises, thanks , tidings, annals, chattels, etc.
1. Where is my trousers? ( Incorrect)
2. Where are my trousers? ( Correct)

3.    There are some nouns that indicate length, measure, money , weight or number. When they are preceded by a numeral, they remain unchanged in form.
Foot, metre, pair , score, dozen, head , year, hundred, thousand, million
1. It is a three – years degree course ( Incorrect)
2.  It is a three – year degree course ( Correct )

4.    Collective nouns such as jury, public, team, committee, government, audience, orchestra, company, etc. are used both as singular and plural depending on the meaning. When these words indicate a unit, the verb is singular, otherwise the verb will be plural.
For example:
1. The jury was divided in this case. ( Incorrect)
2. The jury were divided in this case. ( Correct)

5.    A pronoun must agree with its antecedent in person, number and gender.
Example :
Every man must being his luggage.
All students must do their home work.
Each of the girls must carry her own bag

6.    The pronoun ‘one’ must be followed by ‘one’s’.
Example :
One must finish his task in time ( Incorrect)
One must finish one’s task in time ( Correct)

7.    ‘Whose’ is used for living persons and ‘which’ for lifeless objects.
Which photograph is lying here? ( Incorrect)
Whose photograph is living there?  ( Correct)

8.    Use of ‘less’ and ‘fewer’
Less’ denotes quantity and ‘fewer’ denotes number.
No less than fifty persons were killed. ( In correct)
No fewer than fifty person were killed. ( Correct)

9.    ‘One of’  always takes a plural noun after it.
It is one of the important day in my life. ( In Correct)
It is one of the important days in my life. ( Correct )

10.  Use of ‘not only ‘ and ‘ but also ‘ Examine the sentences given below.
He not only comes for swimming but also for coaching the learners.  ( In correct )
He comes not only for swimming but also for coaching the learners. ( correct )


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