Tuesday, 8 October 2013


1.    A damp squib (complete failure )
Example: The visit of our Foreign Minister to USA proved a damp squib on terrorist issue.

2.    ABC ( very common knowledge ) :
Example: He doesn’t know ABC of Physics.

3.    Alpha and Omega ( First and last letter of Greek alphabet, means beginning and end )
Example: The alpha and omega of British policy was to keep the Indians divided.

4.    An eye wash ( a pretence)
Example: He does nothing without self interest, all his excuses are but on eye was.

5.    Back and Call (at the service)
Example: Don’t worry I am at your back and call.

6.    Between the cup and the lips ( On the point of achievement)
Example: Until I got the appointment letter in hand, I was not sure of the posting as there were many slips between the cup and the lips.

7.    By fits and starts ( irregularly)
Example: Work done by fits and starts never completes in time.

8.    Curtain lecture ( a reproof by wife to her husband)
Example : My younger brother never pays any attention to his wife’s curtain lecture.

9.    Fire and brimstone ( fearful penalties )
Example: The USA has threatened Iraq with fire and brimstone if she refuses to follow the resolutions of UNO.

10.  Gird up the loin ( to be ready) :
Example: We should gird up the loin to fight the poverty and menace of dowery.

11.  Helter skelter ( here and there )
Example: On arrival of the police the strikers ran helter skelter.

12.  Hush money ( a bribe )
Example : He managed to escape punishment by paying hush money.

13.  Weal and Woe (prosperity and adversity )
Example: I will abide by you in all weal and woe.

14.  To assume airs ( to pretend superiority )
Example: He is in the habit of assuming airs in the presence of his in laws.

15.  Ever and anon ( now and then )

Example: She goes to temple ever and anon.


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Anonymous said...

Thanks alot

Anonymous said...

sir i belonga SC cateigary what should i attempted to minimum marks to get job bank po

Anonymous said...

bhai sc ho k b itni tension... Tumhara selection final hai bas appointment letter ka wait karo

Anonymous said...


Kindly chek this pdf bhai especially for gujarat state and u will get idea that sc has higher finally cut off merit than open at the end ...

Anonymous said...

u r talking about clk and in 1 state only, and what i said is like a thums rule with few exceptions.

dilesh said...

plz some1 sugget me wht is the individual mark and questions of ibps po 3rd 2013

Anonymous said...

ibps po hand book read karlo

Di!!ip said...

Ibps 3
total number of question are 200 and 120min.

MATH-50 Question 50 mark
REASONING-50 question 50 mrk
ENGLISH -40 question 40 mrk
COMPUTER-20 question 20
40 question 40 mark.

Anonymous said...

how much marks required for sc to get job in (ibps) po, tell

Anonymous said...

i think 130 out of 200 is enough for u,but isse kam mat lana nai to tough ho jayega

Anonymous said...

Yeah but thaat was just demo for people like you to give idea that all here doing equal hard work though not having proper resources and getting same marks or only one or two less ..so its not like thaat your first comment..soch badlo desh badlo...

Anonymous said...

First u have to clear in all section then try to manage atleast 130 to 140 minimum...but try to manage 150 up .higher marks will give you posting near to your location but for lower marks you have to go away in ur respective state at finall ...best luk

Anonymous said...

i think 130/200 more than enough.in spi po exam out of 15 lac student only 3000 got 150/250.ie 60%.
vacancy was only 1500.and questions were easy.
but in ibps po around 15 lac student applied.vacancy is 20000.so now you can imagine cut off for individual category.and questions are really tough in ibps po exam.so if anyone score 100/200 then he will definitely get a job

Anonymous said...

maa.. k beto phale 100 par karlo bhaut hai.

Anonymous said...

If 60 men consume 45kg sugar in 120 days.
then in how many days 15 men consume 40kg sugar?

please solve this and if possible gave explanation also.
this question was asked in RRB-Clerk dated 6th october evening shift.


shivaprasad munjeti said...

m s d
60 45 120
15 40 ?
60 men can take 120 days so 15 men means definitely take more days so (60/15)
45 kg sugar can consume 120 days so 40kg means definitely take more days so (45/40)

(60/15)*(45/40)*(120)=540 days

Anonymous said...

ans'll be 426.66days, so asume in approx

Anonymous said...

but in exam all answers were less than 100.
i have exactly remembered this question because i was stuck this question and was tried to solve twice but due to option i was unable to find solution.

then what to do?

Anonymous said...

but in exam all answers were less than 100.
i have exactly remembered this question because i was stuck this question and was tried to solve twice but due to option i was unable to find solution.

then what to do?

parvinder kaur said...

Sir app punjab state coopreative clerk exam ke liye bi capaule nikhalo

jo said...

540 days answer is correct ..

Anonymous said...

426.6 is correct

solve this as same

If 40 persons consume 60kg of rice in 15 days, then in how many days will 30 person consume 12kg of rice?

1) 3 3/4 day
2)4 day
3) 6 1/4 day
4) 9 day

Anonymous said...

yes 426.6 is correct and above ans is 4 days

Sonu Ally said...


Debabroto Chakrobarty said...
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Anonymous said...

sir can u provide COMPUTER capsule

Anonymous said...

Except capsule from where can e study gk..any suggestion friends..

Anonymous said...

jab tak reservation rahega..desh nahi badal sakta..

vijju said...

sir u can provide railway exam gs pls..

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