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GK Qs. Asked in IBPS PO III exam on 26 & 27 Oct. 2013

Dear candidate,

Here are some of the questions asked in General Awareness section in IBPS PO III exam held in 26 & 27 Oct, 2013. (Morning & Evening both Shift)

1.    Full Form of IBSA? India, Brazil, South Africa.

2.     Who has directed the Bollywood film The Lunchbox?- Ritesh Batra

3.     According to 2011 census which state has highest Rural Population?- Uttar Pradesh (15.51 crore- 18.16% of Indias Rural Population)

4.     Which tennis player has retired in August 14, 2013?- Marion Bartoli

5.     Who is the Head of WTO?- Robert Azevedo

6.     What is the MSF rate as on October 2013?- 9%

7.    Who is the writer of the novel 'Life of Pie'?- Yann Martel

8.    International Children's Peace Prize 2013 was awarded to?- Malala Yousafzai

9.    Limit of educational loans under priority sector? 10 lakh for studies in India and 20 lakh for studies abroad

10.  Senior citizens can invest up to under Senior Citizens Saving Scheme? 15 lakh

11.  Duration of 12th five year plan?- 2012-2017

12.  Full Form of FTP?- File Transfer Protocol

13.  GDP Growth rate of India as per Central Statistics Office (CSO) for 2013? 4.4%

14.  Full form of CDS?- Credit Default Swap

15.  Fairfax group head who brought blackberry?- Prem Watsa

16.  Gujar Mal Modi award winner 2013?- Vinod Prakash Sharma

17.  Bank which has headquarters in Bangalore?-Vijaya Bank

18.  Aadhaar Bill name?- UIDAI bill

19.  DAX 30 is the stock exchange of which country? Germany

20.  As per IMF India's GDP Growth rate? 3.8%

21.  CRR changed to? 4%

22.  Who among the following is chairman FMC (Forward Markets Commission)? Ramesh Abhishek

23.  What is the name of food grain scheme of Himachal Pradesh?

24.  Which of the following is the GAAR implementation date? April 1,2016

25.  Who among the following is the new chairman of SBI? Arundhati Bhattacharya

26.  Who among the following is the new chairman of AADHAR? Nandan Nilekani

27.  Full form of NOFHC: Non Operative Financial Holding Company

28.  India’s place in global competitive list by WEF 2012-13? 59

29.  Which of the following is the population growth rate (2001-2011)? 1.7%

30.  Graphic biography on of whom released by Amar Chitra Katha -Dhyan Chand

31.  Bank rate wef 7th October-9%

32.  The book ‘Fault lines’ is written by whom? Raghuram G Rajan

33.  Which of the following Bank open 15000 branches? SBI

34.  Which of the following country in BRICS? Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

35.  Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavana Award ? Ustad Amjad Ali Khan

36.  One question related to INS VIKRANT.

37.  Pullea Gopichand related to which game? Badminton

38.  Maharashtra state launches 'Manodhairya' scheme for whom? For rape victims

39.  What is the Maximum limit in priority sector by public sec? 40 %

40.  According to MSMED Act 2006,maximum limit in services is 5 crore .what is minimum limit for medium enterprises? 2 crore

41.  Who is the First women chief information commissioner? Deepak sandhu

42.  Sundarban located in which state? West Bengal

43.  Best Foreign Language Film at the 86th Academy Awards(From India).-The Good road

44.  Which scheme was started by Himachal Pradesh under food security program from sept 20? Rajiv Gandhi ann yojana

45.  Iran’s New President? Hassan Rouhani

46.  India inked DTA pact with which country? Morocco

47.  Company Bill 2013

48.  Decadal Growth Rate according to Cesus 2011? 17.64%

49.  Indira Gandhi peace prize was conferred on? Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

50.  World heart day? 29th September

51.  Who monitors 5year plan? Yojana Ayog

52.  Which company has launched Jupiter Bike? TVS

53.  Parsi Community new scheme to increase parsi population? Jiyo Parsi

54.  RTI Information fees? Rs.10

55.  Sandeep Tulsi Yadav is related to which sport? Wrestling

56.  New High Commissioner to UK? Ranjan Mathai

57.  UN Representative of India? Asoke Kumar Mukerji

58.  Nobel Peace Prize in Economics: Eugene F. Fama (and Robert J. Shiller and Lars Peter Hansen)

59.  Nikkei is the stock exchange of which country? Japan

60.  Director of ‘The Good Road’: Gyan Correa

61.  Anna Hazare received which prize? Allard Prize for International Integrity

62.  Aircel Parternership with which mobile company? Micromax

63.  Depreciation: Decrease in currency’s value due to market forces, not government policies or actions

64.  Movable Assets: Movable assets are those which are 'movable'- stocks, money, shares, furniture, gold, jewel

65.  First RBI Governor? Sir Osborne Smith

66.  Brand Ambassador or Tobacco Abandoning : Rahul Dravid

67.  Currency of Bhutan –Ngultrum

68.  Microsoft bought Nokia for $7.2 billion

69.  First Greco Roman Medal is baaged by whom in India? Sandip Tulsi Yadav

70.  Who received Saraswati Samman? SugathaKumari

71.  Head of financial committee on small and low income and financial inclusion? Nachiket Mor

72.  1st Indigenous Submarine? INS Arihant

73.  Basic point difference between MSF and Repo rate? 150points

74.  KBC current season? 7th

75.  ‘Jo biwi se kare pyar wo prestige se kaise kare inkaar’ ad done by which couple? Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

76.  Growth forecast in 12 five yr plan? 8 per cent

77.  Question related to dividend equity

78.  Who is Headly? Terrorist

79.  Who has written a book on Meena Kumari? Vinod Mehta

80.  Question on JNNURM

81.  Run on bank means? Heavy cash withdrawal from depositor form an account at a time

82.  Rupay Project of? NPCI

83.  According to 2011 census there were 640 districts in India, but how many villages? More than 600,000

84.  Who is the author of the book ‘The first woman President in India Reinventing Leadership Pratibha Devisingh Patil’? Sunaina Singh

85.  Which is not included in balance sheet?

86.  Froeign Currency Limits for tourists? USD 10,000

87.  Accounts maintained by Foreign Banks in India? Vostro

88.  IIFCL stands for? India Infrastructure Finance company Limited

89.  Highest remittance receiving countries? India and China

90.  Campaign launched to promote virgin peaks of Himalayas and make India favoured tourist destination? 777 days of Incredible Indian Himalayan Campaign

91.  ’The book ‘My Journey: Transforming Dreams Into Actions’ is written by? APJ Abdul Kalam

92.  Director of the movie ‘Silver Linings Playbook’? David O. Russel

93.  Germany Chancellor? Angela Merkel

94.  Which one is not Credit Rating Agency?

95.  Tennis Hall of Fame – Martina Hingis

96.  FTSE 100? London Stock Exchange

97.  FDI in pension sector? 49%

98.  Rice, pulse, millets belongs to which crop? Kharif Crop

99.  India’s Defense satellite recently launched by France? GSAT-7

100.       1% extra tax on buying property above? Rs 50lakh

101.       Senior citizens over 80 years of age exempted from tax limit? upto Rs. 5 Lakh

102.       India- China defense summit held in? Beijing

103.       KYC is not for the purpose of? financial position of the account holder

104.       RBI zero% EMI on credit card related question.

105.       Jet and Etihad deal- 51% state of company, 24% Etihad, 25% public share

106.       Maximum deposit amount insured by DICGC? Rs. 1 lakh

107.       Who announced retirement from Tennis in October? Nalbandian

108.       NEFT maximum limit? No limit; However, maximum amount per transaction is limited to Rs.50,000/- for cash-based remittances and remittances to Nepal

109.       One question on Prithvi-2

110.       Currency swap agreement between? India and Japan

111.       Which Indian actor is/has been selected for a US award for his television show by the America Abroad Media (AAM)? Aamir Khan for Satyameva Jayathe

112.       Deeo discount bond feature? Zero coupon bond

113.       First cyber forensic laboratory set up in? Tripura

114.       If depreciation of assets is not taken into account what will happen to balance sheet of bank?

115.       Trade deficit was how much low as on September?

116.       Which option will be provided to voters by Election Commission in upcoming elections as per the directives of Supreme Court -- Option to Reject All(NOTA)


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thank u so much sir ji ..

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thank u so much sir ji ..

u r great

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Haa haaa ... But u would need a large tool to satisfy her ...

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fdi in pension 26% not 49%

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abe ek aur chupe.. sunny lioni bhi nhi h.. sunny leone hai.. tu nikalega galtiya!!

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is tht not Latvia which had the DTA agreement...
capsule mein waise tha...

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admin...please provide gk capsule..for ibps clerk...

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ADMIN plz answer any idea about SBI associate kab ayega??????

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys you are wrong

FDI in pension sector is -49 % not 26 % (asked 27/10/2013 morning shift IBPS PO/MT III)

Hope you understand , thanks

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Hi guys this is a public website , which is open for all , why are you giving your negative statement to the website.please donot do this again, if you area human being & you can understand well , i think you will not do such work again.

Good day : )

Chandu said...

Good work...Thanq.

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could yo update the last 2 months gk awareness.......

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Thank sir.....gives us a outline how much we can score in GA.

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are these question ask in next exam?

Anonymous said...

Friends I wrote my paper on 27th Oct. morning batch, Out of these 116 questions mentioned above, I got only 6-8 questions...

sona said...

please dont post unused comments in this site.. keep in mind that this site is helping lot of people.. there may be some other sites to post such comments.. dont disturb other people.. my humble to request to such pepple.. think pnce when u r posting un used comments.. sorry friends not to hurt u..

Anonymous said...

india rank in compitative index is 60 not 59.

Nilesh said...

!!!!!!! Important Alert !!!!!!
Hey guys do you know that why the IBPS PO-3 paper has been set difficult,,,,,,my brother who is working in RBI told me,,,,,for last 2 PO exams paper was easy,,,,therefore they did not get appropiate/skilled persons(means lacking good analytical skills) to work as Bank PO .........In order to get skilled personals they are making exams tougher and tougher

Anonymous said...

no it is 59

sona said...

will ibps clerk paper also will be tough???

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

It was 60 the same is mentioned in ibps po3 material.
When did it come to 59th position.

Anonymous said...

admin..when will u provide gk capsule for ibps clerk-3

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wah aapne kya gupt suchana nikali hai...apke bhai bhi usi category ke logo me shamil hai kya..aur better quality kaha se milega jab tum kisi gen 150 wale ko hatake 110 wale sc ko select karoge..

Anonymous said...

Guys be ready SSC TIER 2 result coming in 2-3 days..

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Bhai Aapne meri dil ki baat bol daali...IBPS has failed to identify by their own ki unhe better quality ke log kyun nahin mil pa rahe hain. Agar samjho OPEN walo ke liye 100% bhi cut off raha....catagory walo ka toh 10% hi rahega na cutoff.Toh standard kaha se badhega??Ultimately net quality toh poor hi rahega na. Balance kaha se maintain hoga.yeh baat samajhne ki shamta unme nahe hain.....itna quality chahiye toh..reservation hatao n see d difference.Aisa difficult paper robot bhi nahin solve kar sakta.

Anonymous said...

Qn. no. 87
What was the complete question
that asked about VOSTRO/NOSTRO account.
Plz share...

@ Lalita

Anonymous said...

Gk questions for 27 morning batch were so difficult...hardly 7-8 on Gk rest were fully on banking & financial sector..above questions l don't think etane aae the....l don't want to criticize your work...u r saying everything is from your Gk capsule which is not true..

Anonymous said...

From my point of view ibps should suggest some books or data for preparation on banking & finance.....

Anonymous said...

Repo rate changed to 7.75%, mfs cuts to 8.75&, rbi cut gdp gor fy 14 to 5.5%, CRR unchanged-4%, retail inflation above 9% in September.....

Nikhil said...

Mr. anonymous 1 & 2 you both are certified moron's, peoples like you will not get job anywhere, you both deserve to be jobless as all you can do is to blame others for your failure. Lazy Faggots!!!

Anonymous said...

No Nikhil.....I think that Mr. Anon 1&2 are not completely off-track....Yes one cannot shrug off ones own responsibility to put in hard work but then u cannot ignore the compromise on the quality being made by promoting reservation at such a high rate....And let me tell u that written exams can never give u accurate results on a persons analytical skills....What were the interviewers doing????? They were suppose to ensure that they judge the candidate well....And moreover retail banking is not a diplomatic or some complicated job.....

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Anonymous said...

Koi batao plz. Global competitiveness index mein India ka rank 60 hai na 2013 mein. Phir "59"?


Guyz rank in 2012 : 59
in 2013 : 60

Anonymous said...

answer key not yet come how result coming

Nilesh said...

Pls Pls bankersadda upload clerk power capsule as soon as possible,,,,its a humble request from me and alll the bank aspirants

Anonymous said...

one more question:
Jo biwi se kare pyar, wo kaise kare presige se inkar:
ye add kis ke upar picturise kiya gaya hai.....
ans: Abhisek & aishwarya rai bachhan

Anonymous said...

yes u r right. i attnd also same shift, i got only 8 questions

Anonymous said...

Do provide with clerk gk capsule

Anonymous said...

Accounts maintained by Foreign Banks in India AND ANSWER IS VOSTRO A/C.

lokesh said...

is anybody here whose xam is on 10-11-13......plz tell me cuz m so confused in it.....sombody plz help......

Anonymous said...

yeah my exam is also on 10. nov

Anonymous said...

All Questions so far asked in IBPS PO Exam:: IBPS PO 2013

Anonymous said...

can any one tel who s d current president of mouritious, kailas puryag or rajkeswar puryag?

Anonymous said...

population growth rate is 17.64%

Anonymous said...

thanks sir

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nikhil tu to pakka chamar hoga jo aisi bat kr raha hai

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as i m preparing for IBPS PO 2014,so mjhe ga mai kya padhna chahiye???? i mean data of present to last 3mnths???

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