GK Qs. Asked in IBPS PO III: 20 OCT 2013

 Dear candidate.

Here we are providing some of the questions which came in General Awareness section in IBPS PO III exam which was held in 20/Oct/2013. (Morning & Evening Shift).

1.    Which is the rate that RBI changes in this 20 September: Bank Rate

2.    RTGS me minimum transaction: The minimum amount to be remitted through RTGS is 2 lakh. There is no upper ceiling for RTGS transactions

3.    Pension given to those people who are suffered from Muzaffarnagar riots come under which scheme? – The pension, which would be anywhere between Rs 400 and Rs 500, would be given under the Rani Laxmi Bai Pension Scheme,

4.    Who directed the bollywood film Satyagraha? – Prakash Jha

5.    The limit of Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme (RGESS) hiked to? – Rs. 12 Lakh per year

6.    ATM wrong deduction to be refunded within?

7.    Which of the following bank doesn’t have it’s head office in Kolkata? – IOB

8.    Which country becomes the 28th member of EU? – Croatia

9.    When RBI wants to absorb liquidity from market increase reverse repo, decrease repo or increase crr: Increase Reverse REPO Rate

10.  Committee on Gold – KUB Rao committee

11.  Which book is not written by Chetan Bhagat – two people

12.  Who becomes the first Indian-origin Miss America 2013? – Nina Davuluri

13.  GDP Growth Forecast by CSO for 2013-14?- 5.3%

14.  The name of the airline venture float by TATA and Singapore Airlines? – Tata SIA Airlines Ltd

15.  Which is the Most Important Stock Exchange in the World – NYSE/ Nasdaq

16.  Which award given to Finance Minister P Chidambaram by – Business Reformer Award

17.  Balance Sheet indicates what? company's assets

18.  Which award given to Finance Minister P Chidambaram by – Business Reformer Award

19.  G20 Summit 2013 Venue — Saint Petersburg, Russia

20.  Infosys launches new version of banking solution — Finacle11

21.  R. Sodhi related to which sports? Shooting

22.  MacMohan Line between which countries – India and China

23.  Who developed rupee symbol – Udaya Kumar

24.  Ceo of apple inc.? Timothy D. Cook

25.  FCNR(B) interest rate?

26.  REER full form? Real Effective Exchange Rate

27.  Bhag Milka Bhag actor? Farhaan Akhtar

28.  CEO of Women Bank: Usha Ananthasubramanian

29.   Full form of EASIEST — Electronic Accounting System in Excise and Service Tax

30.  ATM without the label of any bank: White label ATM

31.  Capital of Lebanon: Beirut

32.  Information technology Act in which year? Information Technology Act 2000 (also known as ITA-2000)

33.  IFSC Code is needed in: Online or Net Banking Transaction

34.  Who is the first Indian to win shooting completion in world championship –Rahi Sarnobat

35.  726 MW ONGC power project in which North-Eastern state — Tripura

36.  The 78-year-old RBI history book released by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ‘RBI History — Looking Back and Looking Ahead’

37.  Mandatory for companies to spend at least 2% of net profits on-CSR

38.  If a NRI wants to deal in indian market ,he can do so by (participatory notes)

39.  Adjustments done by centarl bank of a country to control money is called? monetary policy

40.  Who is the richest Indian in world 6 times continuously: Mukesh Ambani

41.  International Women’s day? : 8 March

42.  GAAR?: General Anti-Avoidance Rule

43.  SAFTA?  South Asian Free Trade Area (SAFTA)

44.  Zimbabwe President: Robert G.Muagabe

45.  The process of making blackmoney white(money laundering)

46.  Hassan rouhani is the PM of? President of Iran

47.  Wheat ,Bajra comes under : kharif crop

48.  New Director General of CPRF – Dilip Trivedi

49.  HC of WTO?: Geneva

50.  Import duty on gold – 15%