Wednesday, 6 November 2013


1.    Which device can understand the difference between data and programs?
(1) Input device                
(2) Output device
(3) Memory                      
(4) Microprocessor
(5) None of these

2.    Which command is used to open (open) dialogue box?
(1) F12                               
(2) Shift+F12  
(3) Alt+F12                                   
(4) Ctrl+F12   
(5) None of these

3.    The pattern of printed lines on most products are  called-
(1) prices                                      
(3) scanners                                 
(4) barcodes
(5)None of these

4.    The main advantage of magnetic disk compared to magnetic tape is
(1) low cost                                  
(2) rigidity
(3) direct access                          
(4) high packet density
(5) sequential access

5.    To copy cell contents using drag and drop, press the:
(1)  End key                                 
(2) Shift key
(3) Esc key                                  
(4) All of above
(5) None of these

6.    To add two cells (A1 and A2) together you use which of the formula?
(1) = A1+ A2                                
(2) = Add (A1 + A2)
(3) = together (A1:A2)                  
(4) A1 + A2
(5) None of these

7.    Which one is NOT shared by the threads of the same process?
(1) Message Queue
(2) Address Space
(3) Stack
(4) Database
(5) None of these

8.    The updating of master files to reflect the effects of current transactions is called?
(1) Direct processing
(2) File processing
(3) Flow chart
(4) Front-end Processor
(5) None of these

9.    One or more operations performed on data to achieve a desired objective is called?
(1) Database
(2) Data processing
(3) Data collection
(4) Data communication
(5) None of these

10.  The total set of interlinked hypertext documents worldwide is
(1) HTTP
(2) Browser
(3) WWW
(4) B2B
(5) None of these




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pls any answer me..
1)which type of network use phone lines?
a)WAN b)WWAN c)LAN d)wireless e) none

2)the language which can be relocated easily?
a)low level b)machine c)high level d)assembly e)medium

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plz computer question give in hindi.

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I am planning to apply for IT officer scale-II. Please help me with the 'Professional Knowledge' questions.

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