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GK Questions Asked In IBPS PO III Exam on 9th November exam 2013 (Both Shifts Morning and Evening )

Dear candidate,
Here are some of the questions asked in General Awareness section in IBPS PO III exam held in 9 Nov.  2013.

1.    How much amount of money can RBI lend to a bank?
- 2% of NDTL
2.    Subsidy on agricultural loan

3.    What RBI Does to Increase its Monetary Base?
- OMO Open Market Operations

4.    Which rate does RBI Reduces to Increase liquidity in market?
- Repo Rate]

5.    Who is the author of “The descent of air India”?
- Jitender Bhargava

6.    SIFI stands for?
- Systematically Important Financial Institution

7.    Priority sector lending to agriculture?
- 18%

8.    PPF after completion of 15 years can be extended up to?
- 5 years

9.    Indian Olympic Organization President?
- Thomas Bach

10.  Agricultural fund allocation in Union Budget

11.  IIFA Awards Best Film 2012?
-  Barfi

12.  23rd ASEAN Summit held in?
- Brunei Darussalam

13.  Who won 15th Asian Senior Rowing Championship held at China?
- Swaran Singh Virk

14.  Who won Miss World 2013?
-  Megan Young

15.  Which doesn’t come under negotiable instrument?
- Deposits

16.  Validity of cheque?
- 3 months

17.  Pakistan’s new Envoy to India?
- Abne Abbas

18.  Bangalore Airport is renamed as?
- Kempe Gowda International Airport

19.  One questions related to a lifetime award given to an actress

20.  Satellite that crossed solar system recently?
- Voyager -1

21.  India vision 2020 is released by?
-  Planning Commission

22.  Mahila Bank Capital Allocation?
- Rs. 1000 Cr.

23.  Short term Money lending?
- Call Money

24.  Question related balance sheet asking which shows maximum asset

25.  Loan for gold can be given at 60% if LTV, what is LTV?
- Loan to Value Ratio

26.  One question related why rating agency is required.

27.  Minimum tenure of PPF is?

- 15 years
28.  Minimum CRAR to be maintained as per RBI from Oct 1?
- 9%

29.  SEBI color code for high risk?
- Brown

30.  State with highest Sex Ratio as per 2011 census?
-  Kerala

31.  KYC Norms are to?
- Prevent money laundering

32.  Penalty for violation of FEMA act?
- The PENALTY would be a maximum of 300% of the value of contravention or Rs 5,000 whichever is higher and Rs 2,00,000 where the extent of contravention cannot be quantified.

33.  Negotiable act section?
-  138

34.  All weather road connectivity to unconnected village scheme?
- Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana

35.  Top rank team in T20?
- Sri Lanka

36.  Golden Globe best Actress 2013 award?
- Jennifer Lawrence(Musical) and Jessica Chastain (Drama)

37.  What is the name of the rocket recently launched by Japan?
- Epsilon

38.  APJ Abdul Kalam’s book name?
- Transforming Dreams in Actions.

39.   Who won “pride of nation award”?
- John Abraham

40.    Upper limit for RTGS?
- No limit

41.  Which bank has head office at Delhi?
- Oriental bank of Commerce

42.   Savings account interest is calculated on?
- Daily basis

43.  Nobel Prize winners of economics researched on which topic?
- For their empirical analysis of asset prices

44.  ICDS Full form
- Integrated Child Development Service.

45.  In India all the roads are going to be connected by which scheme?
- Golden Quadrilateral

46.  One question about NEFT.

47.  Name the method to transfer money between banks by overnight? 
- Call Money

48.  Rajiv Gandhi Aviation University will be set up at?
- Rae baereli.

49.  IMF Function.-
Providing short terms credit to member countries for meeting temporary difficulties due to adverse balance of payments

50.  What is Demat account-
- Shares in electronic form.

51.  Asian Development bank reduced India’s GDP to?
- 4.7%

52.  RBI’S treasury bill tenure .-
- 91 days, 182 days, 364 days

53.   Education loan upper limit in priority sector?
- 10 lakh for studies in India and `20 lakh for studies abroad are included under priority sector.

54.   One question about SME industry loan.

55.   Facility for financial transaction via facebook has been offered by which bank?
- ICICI Bank

56.  Non Financial Companies minimum limit to set up ATM?
- Rs 100 crore as per the latest financial year’s audited balance sheet

57.  Maximum loan limit by MSME to Medium Enterprises

58.  Amitabh Bachchan’s message to the world?
- The World Needs More

59.  Angela Markal elected 3rd time for which country?
- Germany

60.  Ashok Vemuri is CEO of which company?
- iGate

61.  Ruchira Kamboj is the Ambassador for?
- UNESCO-Paris

62.  Asia Cup-Hockey –
- South Korea beats India

63.  Winner of Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought 2013?
- Malala Yousafzai

64.  INOIC full form:
- Indian Overseas Investment Corporation

65.  Minimum limit for medium scale enterprises is Rs. 5 Cr., what is maximum limit?
- 10 Cr.

66.  India started export of 500 MW electricity to which country?
- Bangladesh

67.  Currency of Hungary?
- Hungarian Forint

68.  Non permanent members of Security Council?

-       Argentina (2014),  Australia (2014), Azerbaijan (2013), Guatemala (2013), Luxembourg (2014), Morocco (2013), Pakistan (2013), Republic of Korea (2014), Rwanda (2014), Togo (2013)


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63. Winner of Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought
2013? Wrong answer - Malala Yousafzai
right ans. Aung su see ki

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Malala Yousafzai - winner of the Sakharov Prize 2013

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Aung sang ko 1990 me declare huwa but ab diya...jail

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20th nov. and subsidy on agricultural loan is 3%

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right ans is Aung San Su Kyi

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right ans is malala
aung san suki won sakrov prize in 1988 nd that tme she is jail so the award presented recently :)

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some women are wear
some wear are bear
All bear are iron

some wear being women is a possibility
some iron are wear
some woman not being bear is a possiblity
All iron are word

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thomas bach is head of international olympic committee not indian. India's is suresh kalmadi

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