1.    Wrong:-  Write with ink
Correct : - Write in ink

2.    Wrong :- Sit under the shade of a tree
Correct : -Sit in the shade of a tree

3.    Wrong: Pakistan is in the west of India
Correct : -Pakistan is to the west of India

4.     Wrong:- Good/Weak in Mathematics
Correct : -Good/Weak at Mathematics

5.     Wrong- Time in your watch
Correct : -Time by your watch

6.     Wrong:- Part with a man
Correct : - Part from a man

7.    Wrong:- Part from money
Correct : - Part with money

8.    Wrong-: Word by word translation
Correct : -Word for word translation

9.    Wrong:- She is married with him
Correct : - She is married to him

10.  Wrong:- Since the last two weeks
Correct : -For the last two weeks

11.  Wrong:- Prefer than
Correct : - Prefer to

12.  Wrong:- Translate from English into Tamil
Correct : -Translate from English to Tamil

13.  Wrong:- Jump in the pond
Correct : -Jump into the pond

14.  Wrong:- Die of hunger
Correct : - Die from hunger

15.  Wrong:- Die from cancer
Correct : - Die of cancer

16.  Wrong:- To meet in the way
 Correct : -To meet on the way

17.  Wrong:- Send on my address
Correct : - Send to my address

18.  Wrong:- To go in train
 Correct : -To go by train

19.  Wrong:-Lying upon the desk
Correct : -Lying on the desk

20.  Wrong:-The birds build nests on the tree

Correct : -The birds build nests  in the trees