Protest by IBPS PO II Qualified Candidates

Some IBPS PO II Qualified candidates are protesting outside Rahul Gandhi's residence for last few days. These are the candidates who were declared qualified in IBPS PO II (after interview stage) but could not be alloted a  Bank.

Let us understand the issue in detail and try to understand whether these candidates are right in their demands or not.

IBPS started the common recruitment process of 19 PSU banks for probationary officers in 2011, but, in this first year of the recruitment process, there were no common interviews and IBPS just issued scores, rest it left to banks for publishing the vacancies, taking interviews and selecting candidates.

IBPS introduced the common interview process in IBPS PO II (the process started in 2012  and common interview result came out in March 2013). Total 7,50,000 candidates appeared for IBPS PO II, out of which 61339 candidates were qualified for interview process and finally approx 45000 candidates were gives a "Qualified" status after interview. In the common interview notification of IBPS PO II, IBPS mentioned -

"Depending on the vacancies in each bank of his/ her preference, a successful candidate will receive through a computerised system an offer from one of the Participating PSBs. Vacancies remaining unfilled on account of candidates declining offer, will be filled from among the remaining candidates, through subsequent iterations. "

IBPS did first round of allotment in March 2013, while second and third round of allotments were done in August 2013 and January 2014. After these three rounds of allotments, IBPS could allot a bank to only 28118 candidates and hence approx 19,000 candidates could not be allotted a bank.

Now, these candidates are demanding that before starting the allotment for IBPS PO III, first IBPS should accommodate these candidates and provide them a job.

We feel that the whole problem is that IBPS did not clarify on the process properly. In fact, in past three years IBPS has failed to come out and clarify on the candidates queries from time to time.

The biggest blunder IBPS did was that - it gave a "Qualified" status to some candidates of IBPS PO II, while it gave "Not Qualified" status to some other candidates. All candidates, who qualified in IBPS PO II, considered themselves to be eligible for a job and assumed that IBPS will give them allotment sooner of later. Ideally, if IBPS was not sure of giving allotment to so many candidates, it should not have given any qualified status. Ideally, it should have just given the marks and put a cut-off for the first round of allotment.
Also, it should have given clear dates for the next two round of allotments, so that candidates are not in dark and their expectations are managed in a better way. As on date also, the biggest problem with IBPS is that they do not provide timely information to the candidates and fail to clarify on the doubts of candidates in timely manner. For example, take the current scenario. Currently. candidates are waiting for their IBPS PO III Interview result and due to various rumors, they are hooked onto internet and visiting IBPS website multiple times, on daily basis. But, it seems IBPS is not bothered, and they are not willing to provide any information/date on this. Though, they had mentioned in the common interview notification that allotments will happen in April 2014, but, candidates are expecting their qualified/non-qualified status result. IBPS should come out and clarify on this.

Notwithstanding the lack of clear communication by IBPS, we feel that candidates (IBPS PO II Qualified but not allotted a bank), should also understand that their demand is not justified. IBPS has mentioned in the result that merely qualifying in common interview does not entitle your for a allotment. You can look at the example of various entrance exams in India (like Engineering, Medical, MBA etc). If you have been put in waiting list, that is always subject to the availability of the seats and you can not claim a seat as a matter of your right.

Also, if IBPS considers your demand, IBPS may have to compromise of the seats available for IBPS PO III qualified candidates. We understand the government job in a bank is your dream, for which, you have worked hard for months, but, please understand it can not be on the expense of other candidates.

We sympathize with IBPS PO II Qualified candidates, who could not get allotment, but we would like to stand with the candidates, who are waiting for their IBPS PO III Interview result.