Reserve List in IBPS PO III and IBPS Clerk III: All Doubts Clarified

This time IBPS has published a Reserve List of Candidates in the final results of both IBPS PO III and IBPS Clerk III. Lets understand the concept of a reserve list.

What is a Reserve List?
A reserve list is a list of candidates, who could not be allotted a bank in IBPS PO III or IBPS Clerk III, but could be considered for the allotment in next round of allocations.

How many candidates are there in the reserve list?
The number of candidates in the reserve list are approximately 10 percent of the vacancies under each category in IBPS PO III/ IBPS Clerk III

If, I am in the reserve list, does that mean that I will definitely get a allotment in coming lists?
No. Being in reserve list does not guarantee allotment to/recruitment by the Participating Organisation(s)/
other financial organisations. In the event of Participating Organisations/ other financial organisations providing vacancies during April 2014-March 2015, provisional allotment will be carried out for the candidates in the reserve list. So, you may get an allotment or may not get also.

If I am not in the reserve list and not got any allocation also, can I still expect a allocation in the coming lists?

No. Candidates who are not provisionally allotted or not in the reserve list will not be considered for any further process under CWE PO/MT-III.

Is the reserve list same as waiting list?
Yes, it is practically same as waiting list and is subject to availability of seats in coming allocations in this financial year (2014-15).