General Awareness Quiz

1. The RBI started issuing its bi-monthly credit policy on the recommendation of..?
a)    Swaraj committee
b) Raghavan committee    
c) Bimal jalan committee
d) Urjit patel committee    
e) K.C. Chakravarti committee

2. India's 1st Post Office Savings Bank ATM facility has been opened in which of the following places?
a) Mumbai
b) Bangalore  
c) Delhi  
d) Kolkata  
e) Chennai

3. Which of the following Terms is not associated with banking sector ?
a) KYC
c) NET
e) CTS

4. The oldest stock exchange of India is _______ Stock Exchange?
a) Bombay
d) Hyderabad    
e) None

5. Which institution is known as 'soft loan window' of World Bank?
a) IFC
b) IDA
c) IMF

6. "Rupay" has been developed by which organization?
a) Central Govt    
b) Central Bank
c) National payment corporation of India
d) Indian bank association
e) Indian & foreign bank association

7. What is scheduled bank?
a) Included in the 2nd schedule of banking regulation act-1934
b) Included in the 2nd schedule of banking regulation act-1949
c) Included in the 2nd schedule of RBI act-1934
d) Included in the 2nd schedule of RBI act-1949
e) Included in the 2nd schedule of Central govt act - 1952

8. In which city canara bank has opened its 7th overseas office recently ?
a) New York
b) Tokyo  
c) Dubai
d) Beijing    
e) London

9. Non-Resident Ordinary Rupee Account (NRO Account) must be .........
1) Savings account only
2) Current account only
3) Recurring Deposit account only
4) Fixed Deposit account only
5) All above type of accounts can be opened in NRO account

10. Which of the following cities is the capital of Mali?
1) Kayes
2) Timbuktu
3) Bamako
4) Mopti
5) Segou

11. Which of the following is/are NOT called the types of Inflation?
(1) Cost push    
(2) Real wages    
(3) Demand pull

a. Only 1      
b. Only 2      
c.Only 3  
d.Only 1 and 2      
e. Only 2 and 3

12. Which of the following is not included in the core sectors of Indian economy?
1) Transport
2) Coal
3) Steel
4) Cement
5) Electricity

13. Which of the following is NOT a direct tax?
1) Income Tax
2) Sales Tax
3) Value Added Tax
4) Excise Duty
5) Education Cess

14. 'Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana' (PMJDY) is the dream project of the central Government provides ......
1) At least one bank account to every house hold
2) Bank account with locker facility to keep the valuables of people
3) One bank account to every house hold and ask the bank to enroll the minor names to open the account in future
4) None of above
5) All of above

15. Vistara is the joint venture airlines of ......
1) Tata-Malaysian Airlines (SIA)
2) Tata-Singapore Airlines (SIA)
3) Tata-Australia Airlines (SIA)
4) Tata-Jet Airlines (SIA)
5) None

16. Which of the following is the name of a country?
1) Kwanza
2) Chad
3) Krone
4) Ruble
5) Rula

1. d
2. e
3. d
4. a
5. b
6. c
7. c
8. a
9. 5
10. 3
11. b
12. 1
13. 2
14. 1
15. 2
16. 2