Monday, 16 March 2015

Success Story - Atul - UIICL AO

Hello everyone,

This is Atul. I would like to share my success story with you all. I come from a middle class family from Patna. Being an Administrative Officer in a Government Insurance company was never my dream. I just made it as my aim as a part of my endeavour to get selected in any public sector company. To be a part of this system, however I indirect it could be.

My struggle began after I finished my Engineering. Finishing engineering with waitlisted status on my placement as an MNC, I had no option but to sit at home and look for other options when I came to know about various public sector job opportunities. I sat for IBPS PO and IBPS SO and failed in both of them last year. The reason was obvious - I had no desperation yet.

Came 2014 when I sat with a fresh mind leaving all my sadness, aspirations behind. I never became a successful computer engineer as my friends. Sometimes, I used to see their status, their pics and I grew up an inferiority complex that they were earning and living their lives and I was at my home preparing for exams. I had to avoid everyone in my colony; avoid all phone calls of my relatives and even deactivate facebook. But i always struck back positively. I joined a local coaching institute and studied hard to get selected.

I have already shared my strategy of clearing my exams this year in one of my previous posts.

Private Banks Axis, ICICI and ING Vysya PO - Selected but not joined.

IBPS RRB PO and Clerk - Cleared, but was always missing the call by few marks.

IBPS PO - Cleared with Score - 91

IBPS CLERK - Cleared with Score - 153

IBPS SO - Cleared

UIIC AO - Cleared and Selected

New India Assistants - Cleared

My failures in 2013 and 2014 were IBPS PO, IBPS SO, Insurance AO 2013, SBI PO,  RBI Grade B Officer.

One thing people, Those successful results would never have come if i had not tasted failures. They bring you down. But you have to fight it back to be what you have always wanted to be.

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