Fear a four letter word but when catches up with us...it creates a havoc in our minds which then transfers into every inch of our body. It makes us shiver, takes away our ability to think rationally. All in all Fear ruins more bright lives much more than we might imagine. Each of us faces different kinds of fear..like whether we will get a bank job, will we be able to give right answers in the interview, fear about the uncertainty in the future....so on and so forth!!

Each of us, by virtue of our very human nature, has the potential to lead and achieve great things that elevate everyone around us. But the chattering voice of fear in our heads stop us from playing big. It robs us of our energy, our dreams and our opportunity for redemption. They are very much like rubber bands flinging us back and forth into our comfort zones the moment we try and expand the possibilities.

So why does this fear do what it does?? Our fears are indeed horrible figments of our imaginations, much like dreams — seemingly real, yet completely fictional occurrences taking shape within our minds.So our suffering is always about that which does not exist, simply because we are not rooted in reality, we are always rooted in our mind and in our imagination. If we were rooted in reality, there would be no fear.
Our fear is always about what’s going to happen next(whether we will make it in life, fear of failure, will I be appreciated by people).  
Just think about it..we people are always suffering from either what happened yesterday(mistakes we might have made, something we might have achieved, people we might have met, discussions we might have had) or what may happen tomorrow , so basically in this process of past and future, we forget to live TODAY i.e. the PRESENT!!Today comes to us with so much beauty and hope, an opportunity that we often forget to cease. The fact that we are alive today is in itself a blessing in disguise...something to be excited about, something to cherish and celebrate with the task in hand!! What would be our lives like if we lived each day like it was our last!! worked like we needed to give a return gift to life for the gift of TODAY!!must decide whether you have come here to experience life or to avoid life Just think about it... 
So let us all promise to ourselves to daily practice this philosophy of being excited about our work, about relationships with our loved ones, experiences that life throws at us absorbing all we can from it..even if it failure. Remember failure is not the end of life merely a stepping stone. ! Jaan Hai To Jahaan Hai!!

"The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."
--Nelson Mandela

So lets go out there and face your fears!