Saturday, 15 August 2015

Job creation should be the top priority for the government:

I was in my 9th standerd and one day my father had asked me - "Are you sure you will get a job after you complete your studies?".  I had replied - "Yes Papa, I will definitely get a job and my salary will be Rs.10,000 or more." The figure mentioned was wildest of my imagination, the maximum I could think at that time. It was very much required to keep my father's trust in the power of education and maintain the conviction that sacrifices made for educating the children were worth it.

For next few days, this discussion kept my mind occupied. My heart was feeling heavy and under pressure. My mind was contemplating, whether I can actually get a job worth Rs.10,000 or more. What if I am not able to get it. I will betray the trust of my parents and uncounted sacrifices made by them will go in vein.

My parents did not go to school ever but they had put in all their efforts to ensure that their children go to school and get the proper education. The neighbours and relatives will always tell my father - teach your children about agriculture, teach them something through they can earn their livelihood, teach them how to plough in the fields, teach them about the seeds and other agriculture related activities; as this is what they have to do ultimately.

Ironically, that was true also. There were actually no jobs. Youth in rural areas had no choice but to get involved in agriculture or other related activities. Most of the families in rural India have small piece of lands, though they they are barely able to fill the stomach of their dependents. I had seen many of my school friends leaving school and getting converted to agri-labours. 

Few years later, after my schooling, when I got selected in IIT and could see a secure future for me, I had thought that one day I will do something to help youth of this country to get a job. At that time, I did not know, how I am going to do it, but today I know. Today, with more than 700 people working in, I feel proud that I am contributing my bit. Moreover, bankersadda stands tall along with the youth of the country in their fight to get a much deserved job and be a part of the growth story of shining India.

Actually, getting the job for youth of the country should be the first priority of any government. It has two sided impact on the overall growth of the economy. One, we are able to utilise the power of youth. The youth, who finds himself useless in the absence of a job,  suddenly turn productive, once he gets a job. He starts contributing to the economy with his full potential. Second, by giving job to the youth, we create a prosper & happy lot, who have money to spend and in turn, fuel various businesses to grow. 

On this Independence Day, we, as a society, should think about our youth and the missed opportunities due to lack of jobs for these youth. A happy youth, with good job opportunities, can only lead this country to become the world leader and fulfil the year 2020 vision of Late Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam.

When each youth of the country has a job, we can say that our country has truly become Independent. Otherwise, our independence is incomplete. Jai Hind.

(Author of this article is Anil Nagar - Founder and CEO,

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