Look Ahead : How to prepare for english and quant for IBPS Exams

Dear friends,
A very good morning to all of you. Hope all is well and hopeful today. Yes quite a few results have come out in the past few days, bringing happiness to some, sadness and hopelessness to others and determination and encouragement in the other few.Quite understandable, but being always positive and forward looking is the way to go, but at the same time not forgetting the past mistakes.
On a daily basis I come across comments about students being weak in a few subjects mainly English, Quant. Some feeling helpless and hopeless about their situations as they are unable to crack exams since a long time. We at Ba want to guide each one of you in achieving your goals.
But the fact of the picture is that we can only guide you, the end the journey has to be completed  you as individuals.
The person who is more determined, or well versed with all aspects of the exam( be it the syllabus, be it knowledge of banking, or interview and personality development) gets through quickly.
So does this mean banking exam is only for a few?? The answer is no not at all, all those who have the desire and willingness to work hard and give their best no matter what is eligible for these exams. But remember well there is no substitution of hard work and smart work.
For those of you who have been unsuccessful for a while now, need to stop and think of what might be going wrong, what needs to be done to improve the weaker sections?

Remember we are responsible for what we achieve and don't achieve!!

Since IBPS exams are round the corner, Come lets decode the two main  subject:.

As I have told many of you several times that English is a subject that is very much like Quant, hence requires regular practice.

  • Now that there is approximately a month before the prelims, therefore try to have the rules of grammar on your tips, as this helps in increasing the accuracy and surety of our answers.
  • Secondly Read the newspaper daily. I am aware that all of you have heard this advice like a billion times, but not many understand the importance of reading with conscious i.e. when you are aware of the language being used by the writer, when you are able to grasp the meaning of the paragraph that you are reading. The best thing would be to read out loudly as this helps us to understand the grammar being used. This though seems like a very childish activity but goes a long way in helping us remember the correct usages of the grammar, in turn helping us revise the rules that we have learnt.
  • For those of you who are weak in English and find it difficult to clear the cutoff should practice a lot of Reading comprehensions as this section can be scoring and does not need much grammar rules. Also invest in any vocabulary book for banking exams and learn all the synonyms and antonyms that you can.If you are able to master this section then it becomes easier to clear the cutoff. Again reading habit helps in increasing the speed.
You could refer to books like Hari mohan prakash and uma rani for grammar,SP Bakshi, Ak singh or a book by MB publications for practice.

Daily 2 hrs of quant (going up to 3 hrs for weak students) will go a long way in improving your speed. During this time brush up chapter wise concepts along with a lot of practice questions .

1) Note down neatly in a separate hand out or book any short-cuts or important questions that you come across and need to memorize so that you can go through them regularly.
2)You could also make voice recordings of tables from 1-30, squares, and cubes on your phone and keep listening to them to help you memorize,
You could use any banking related quant books like M. Tyra, Or kiran publications fast maths.

Success comes to those who work hard!!

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