Mission IBPS Exam: Banking Awareness Quiz

Dear Readers,
Since IBPS RRB and IBPS  PO are in the streak, and for giving the final touch to your preparation ,here we are providing you General Awareness quiz, BA which comprises of almost 40% of the GA section. General Awareness which has immense importance, if you want to score maximum in minimum time. This section also plays  a tremendous role in time management!

1. RBI revised premature deposit rules of which type of accounts?
1) Kiddy accounts
2) Current accounts
3) Large value fixed deposit accounts
4) Dollar savings accounts
5) Big size savings accounts

2. Lock period in Term deposit means?
1) Locker must be opened by the customer in the branch.
2) The Pre-maturity is not possible.
3) Another account cannot be opened by customer.
4) Nominee name need not be written.
5) None of these

3. Financial Market broadly divided in to two. They are?
1) Money and Capital market
2) Money and Black market
3) Price and Money market
4) Capital and Abroad market
5) None of these

4. Money market is a market for debt securities that pay off in the short term...........
1) Usually less than two years.
2) Usually less than three years.
3) Usually less than one year.
4) Usually less than five years.
5) None of these

5. The Money market include........
1) Treasury bills
2) Cash Management bills
3) Commercial papers
4) Bankers acceptance
5) All of above

6. Capital market is a market for long-term debt and equity shares. It is further divided in to?
1) Secondary Market and Bull Market.
2) Bull Market and Bell Market.
3) Primary Market and Secondary Market.
4) Primary Market and Government Cash Bond Market.
5) All of above

7. Shares issued in Primary market in the form of IPO and FPO. IPO means?
1) India Public Offer
2) Initial Private Offer
3) Initial Public Off
4) Initial Public Offer
5) None

8. FPO means?
1) Follow on Public Offer
2) First Public Offer
3) Follow on Private Offer
4) Firm on Public Offer
5) Follow on Public Operations

9. RHP means....
1) Read Herring Prospectus
2) Roll Hearing Prospectus
3) Red Herring Prospectus
4) Red Herring Proposals
5) Rupee Herring Prospectus

10. The market which expects the prices of shares go up in the market is called.....
1) Depressed market
2) Duck market
3) Fundamental market
4) Bear market
5) Bull market

1. 3
2. 2
3. 1
4. 3
5. 5
6. 3
7. 4
8. 1
9. 3

10. 5