More than 17,000 students attended All India Banking Seminar Organized by bankersadda in association with Career Power

Dear Readers, this is to thank you all for the overwhelming response for the all India Banking Seminar organised by bankersadda in association with Career Power on 26th July 2015 (Sunday).

In a record turnout, more than 17,000 candidates attended simultaneously across 61 location spread across India. At some locations, we were caught unprepared, where number of candidates far exceeded the available capacity at the venue. One such case was Hyderabad location, where we made arrangement for the 200 candidates, but over 900 candidates turned up at the venue to attend the seminar. Our sincere apologies for the lack of planning in such cases.

Bankers Adda has always been looking for ways to help our readers in their quest for a secure and prestigious government job. We keep on evaluating needs of our readers and try to provide the necessary information in a timely manner. Our readers success will ultimately be our success.

Once again, we thank you all for the making bankersadda a temple of learning. Love you all and we will ensure that you succeed in your struggle towards a better future. Thanks you and All the best for your Bright future!!