My interview was scheduled at 8:30am but got a message from, NABARD to report at 7:30 at their office at Rajendra Place - Delhi so reached the venue accordingly.
 After reaching the venue at around 7:15 am  they asked for 7 bio - data forms and further asked us to arrange documents in a proper  order.
After that they stared document verification carefully verifying each document.
I was the 1st person to be interviewed and as per schedule, interview was supposed to start at 9:00 am
So I was told to wait outside interview room.
So interview started at 9:00 am and when  I entered the interview room there were total  of 7 persons (6 M + 1W).
So I wished good morning to all of them and chairman sir asked me to take the seat. 

M1(chairman): Because of death of ex-president APJ Kalam on 27th July 2015, they asked to keep 1 minute silence to pay tribute to ex-president APJ KALAM and all of us did so.
M1 (chairman):  Please tell something about ex-president APJ KALAM. Why he was so popular?
ME:  Told everything I knew (I had read about ex-president before going to interview as I was sure that they would be asking about ex-president APJ KALAM).

M1 (chairman):  Can I ask you question from finance?
ME: Sure sir.

M1 (chairman):  What do you know about FI, FII and FDI?
ME:  FI –financial Institution, FII – foreign institutional investor and FDI: Foreign direct investment.

M1 (chairman):  what is difference between FII and FDI?
ME:  I knew the difference so I told them and chairman sir explained in details.

M2: They asked me about internet security and threats and how as software engineer (I have 4.5 yrs of in IT) I can contribute to NABARD?
ME: I told them the different security threats and how we can deal with them and also discuss how I can contribute as a software engineer.

M3: So you have worked with Infosys so please tell me what you have done there during  their training and what challenges did you face?
ME: told them about Infosys training problems and then discussed  about my work profile and how we worked in a project.  

M3: They asked me to tell good things and bad things about IT sector.
ME: I told them about my experience and what I liked about IT Sector and what I did not like.

M4: So Mr. Ashwani you are from himachal so tell us from where himachal get its max revenue?
ME: Told about tourism, hydel electricity and apple production and so on….

M4: Why more and more companies are coming to BADI?
Me: told about the various concessions they are getting from govt. 

M5 (lady): What is CSR? (I have won essay competition of CSR magazine).
ME: Competition success review.
M1 (Chairman): there is one more meaning of CSR did you know?
ME: sorry sir I could not recall as of now.
M1 (chairman): CSR means corporate social responsibility .did you know about it as u worked in IT sector?
ME: Yes sir I know, under corporate social responsibility, corporate houses  need to spend 2% of their net profit towards social responsibilities like providing books to school kids and other various activities.
M1 (chairman): why they will do this charity? What will get in return?
ME: Govt made this rule for corporate house to spend 2% of their profit towards society and in return they can also do their banding and people may come to know about that company and their various products in market. And they also added explained more about CSR.

M6: Are u still working in IT sector?
ME: No sir

M6: Did u have any job in your hand?
ME: Yes sir I was selected in PNB as PO and SO.

M6: Why you want to join NABARD?
ME: told about NABARD is an apex institution and its functions. Then they said fine.

M7: Why development of rural area is important (when I told them function of NABARD)?
ME: I discuss about economic survey report and projected growth for INDIA 8.5% and then agriculture sector growth (1-2%) which is very less compared to growth of other sectors and 70% of population which lives in rural area is directly depends on agriculture sector for their livelihood and hence growth of rural area is very important to reduce the gap between urban and rural areas.

That’s it...Interview lasted for last 25-30min....They said Ashwani you can leave now all the best to you.
I said thank you to all of them and left.
It was really a nice experience. I have appeared in various interview from banking to insurance but this experience was very special. I have strong desire to work with NABARD/RBI as their work culture is very different from banking sector and more over that they are apex intuitions.