Current Affairs Quiz based on "The Hindu"

1) In his 18-minute speech, he outlined the various development targets that his government has set, and how special measures were being taken to ensure that they were environmentally sustainable. “The SDG mirrors India’s developmental goals,” the PM said. Identify the personality and the country where he has spoken these lines?
Answer. PM Narendra Modi, New York, USA.

2) Which Indian Drama Series has become the first drama series to cross the 2,000 episode milestone?
Answer. Balika Vadhu
3) Name the Television actor died recently after a long battle with brain tumour.
Answer. Mohan Bhandari

4) Who is the singer who will perform for the Pope at the Festival of Families concert in Philadelphia?
Answer. Aretha Franklin

5) Name the former footballer who was present at the launch of Voices of Youth, an organisation set up by UNICEF to empower children, at the United Nations headquarters?
Answer. David Beckham 

6) Which country is going to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup? Name the capiltal also.
Answer. Qatar, Capital is Doha.

7) The 42nd World Bridge Teams championships started with an opening ceremony and the matches featuring 66 teams participating across the three categories starting from Sunday. This is the first time India is hosting the event that will be played on a round-robin-cumknockout format and will conclude on October 10. Name the plac where it is organised?
Answer. Chennai

8) Facebook has renamed its Internet access enabling platform, “” to?
Answer. Free Basics by Facebook

9) Who will head the urea revival panel committee of the Government?
Answer. NITI Aayog Vice Chairman Arvind Panagariya

10) Aditya Birla Private Equity has picked up a minority stake in which company which is the flagship company of the Mumbaibased Creative Garments group?
Answer. Creative Lifestyles

11) Alexis Tsipras in his first Cabinet meeting stated that his aim is to have steered the country out of its crisis by the end of which year? 
Answer. 2019

12) After a delay of around nine months and many moments of embarrassment, the BJP government in Maharashtra has finally acquired bungalow where B.R. Ambedkar lived as a student. Where is the bungalow situated?
Answer. London