IBPS PRE: How To Tackle Quant

Dear Readers,

We present to you the 3rd and the last part of the 3 part series of ' How to best appear in the exam". So lets focus on how to best appear in quant exam. Before giving you tips regarding the subject, lets browse through the topics:

1) DI- At least 2, 10 marks
2) Time and work
3) Time and distance
4) Percentages
5) Profit and loss
6) Averages
7) Ages
8) Ratio and proportion
9) Partnership
10) Mixtures and allegation
11) Mensuration
12) Miscellaneous

Analysis about the questions asked from SBI pre

As you all are aware, Quant is a subject which is very time consuming and best if left for the end and given the lions share of the total time i.e. 25-30 minutes.

Quant is a subject which requires a lot of practice,if you have a command of all the topics then good, if not then try mastering the topics that you are good at so as to clear the cut off.

1) Remember this exam is not a test of your knowledge but rather a test of your managerial skills, i.e. how well you manage your time and use your presence of mind during the exams.

2)Since time is short therefore do not get attached to any question at any moment in the 1 hour duration, look for questions that click at one go, and come back to the left questions if you are left with time at the end of the section.

3) At least 2 DI's are asked in the exam so try attempting at least 1 of them correctly so as to gain 5 marks directly.

4) Try to score at least 10-12 marks in each section to be on a safe side section wise, and score minimum 45-50 to clear the over all cutoff.

5)Lastly give 4-5 mock exams to get a hang of how the exam might look like, to make strategies and gain experience so as to avoid errors during the final battle.

All The Best

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