A beautiful Poem

Dear BA'ians,
One of our ardent reader has shared a beautiful poem which may help you understand the journey of life and how it goes on with some good thoughts in mind.

A day has just begin with last slot of Day1 IBPS PO Prelims to go, there is a lot to come for a day.
Stay tuned.

Had this breeze be not far away

Had this sunshine be last forever

So as the resplendence of tiny droplets

Far to be explored than the unexplored

Can’t get rid of the vicissitudes of life

We are all satiated for the right occasion

The flamboyance has gone now and the time has arrived.

May the bliss has cast its shadow on us

Far across the distance a ray of hope shimmers

Sheen of salvation embraces the nuggets of life

It’s the time for a journey that no one has traversed

Likes to tread the path of ultimate solace through eternity

Waiting for the final call that is imminent

Oh God be with us whenever we are in peril

We are pleading for your healing touch

We are the victims of emotional subjugation

The more we remain elusive the more susceptible we becomes

Our existence has diminished without your presence

Insulate us whenever we crumble under pressure

Always enhance our potential through your blessings

Give us the strength to tackle obstacles

Our struggles are mere detours with your guidance

The more you bless the more humble we become

Without your blessings we are a futile amalgamation of born and flesh.

By - Robert