Current Affairs Quiz based on "The Hindu"

1) Name the new naval warship which is commissioned by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar at the Naval Dockyard in Mumbai?
Answer.  INS Kochi 

2) Name the person who recently started a Twitter account , he was a former National Security Agency contractor who leaked details about the U.S. government’s massive surveillance programs?
Answer. Edward Snowden 

3) The HRD ministry recently shelved the first international summit on _____________________ which was scheduled to take place in Gandhinagar, Gujarat?
Answer. Education

4) The government recently launched a policy, which is to help the  environment, help local communities, and generate employment by planting trees along all the highways in the country. Name the policy?
Answer.  Green Highways (Plantation, Transplantation, Beautification & Maintenance) Policy 2015

5) What is the name of the political party which Hardik Patel is planning to launch?
 Answer.  Patel Nav Nirman Sena (PNNS)

6) Who has been appointed the next Director General of the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA)?
Answer. Jayant Prasad

7) China successfully launched its new generation satellite which has among others a hydrogen atomic clock, moving a step closer to build its own Global Positioning System to compete with the US¬operated GPS.  It is the _____ laucnched by China?
Answer. 20th.

8) In which country, Typhoon Dujuan struck?
Answer. China 

9) Which country has offered assistance to Maldives to investigate the explosion on a speedboat which was carrying President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom and his wife, the acting Maldivian Foreign Minister?
Answer. India

10) With USD 31 billion of foreign capital inflows, which country has surpassed China and the US to take the pole position in attracting largest FDI in the first half  of 2015,according to a report?
Answer. India