Current Affairs Quiz based on "The Hindu"

Ques.1 Who stepped down as the Network18 Business Editor?

Ques.2 Which PSU bank cuts its base rate by 0.4% after the RBI cut the the repo rate by 50 basis points?

Ques.3 Which e-commerce company is planning to launch its sale event under the name “Big Billion Sale”?

Ques.4 Who has been named as the Hero Indian Super League football tournament’s brand ambassador for Tamil Nadu?

Ques.5  RailTel Corporation of India, a PSU under the Ministry of Railways, has partnered with which company to set up a high-speed Wi-Fi network at 400 stations across the country?

Ques.6 Indo-U.S. bilateral trade can touch upto how much amount by 2025, according to a recent survey?

Ques.7 Name the famous footballer who is planning to open 30 soccer schools in China?

Ques.8 In the recently FIFA rankings, who is on the no.1 spot in the ranking?

Ques.9 The Modi government’s declaration window under the new Black Money Act, saw all of 638 declarations worth how much amount, according to an official release?

Ques.10 Recently, Special Correspondent Officers of the Indian and Chinese armies held meetings along the Line of Actual Control on the 67th anniversary of China’s National Day. Name the place where the meeting took place.

Ques.11 Who is the interim CEO of Twitter?

Answers -

Answer 1. Senthil Chengalvarayan  
Answer 2. State Bank of India (SBI) 
Anwser 3. FLIPKART
Answer 4. Tamil actor Dhanush
Answer 5. Google  
Answer 6. $500 bn
Answer 7. Ronaldo 
Answer 8.  Argentina
Answer 9. Rs.4,147 crore
Answer 10. Chinese Border Personnel Meeting huts at  Chushul and at Daulat Beg Oldie in eastern Ladakh.
Answer 11. Jack Dorsey