Good luck from Team BA!

Dear BA readers,

Tomorrow is D-day. The day when your future is going to be decided. The day, when you will show your mettle to the world. The day, when you will prove how you are better than others.

Tomorrow, you have to go full throttle, with your full confidence and with full force. Tomorrow you are going to create history. You will remember this day through-out your life.

When you will be writing the exam tomorrow, forget everything for one hour. This one hour is going to change your life. Be fast, while skimming the questions and attempt questions, where you are confident (in the first round). Stick to your plan and stick to the timings you have planned to allocate to each section. Level of difficulty is expected to be average. If you can attempt 60-65 marks with 90% accuracy, it should be sufficient to clear this stage. Remember, DO NOT ACCEPT DEFEAT DURING THE EXAM. If you find few questions difficult, do not worry. They will be difficult for everyone. Do not get stuck on any question. Focus has to be on accuracy (given there is negative marking of 1/4 in the exam).

Remembers, ultimately, race will be won or lost by few marks only, may be 1-2 marks. And eventually, it is going to a game of nerves. The one who can hold onto it is going to be the winner.

You have worked hard and given your best shot at the preparation and you are bound to succeed. No one can stop you. Tomorrow is going to be your day. We, at BA, love you and we know how much midnight oil you have burnt for this exam. Each of you have immense potential and fire to crack IBPS PO. You will definitely make it big tomorrow!

You should stop reading now. Preparation part is now over. Keep your books aside and go on evening walk outside. Eat your dinner properly and sleep early tonight.

I, along with the complete BA team, wish you all the best! Go, get it tomorrow.

Good luck!

Yours Sincerely,
Anil Nagar
Director -