Preliminary Predictable Cut Off

Dear Readers,
The first two days of IBPS PO Preliminary exams are over and a lot of students are done with the pre exam. What now remains is the two days more i.e. 10th and 11th October. The exam remained pretty much on the same line the SBI followed for the preliminary exam. This article will help you understand what the cut-off would be and what needs to be done for the mains.
The 48 hours of tension and the eight analysis done by us clearly suggested that the paper was scoring and the students who have implemented their strategy have got the edge. Many students were unhappy with their performance as they have wasted time on some particular questions. But now what's gone is gone and now the ball is in IBPS's court. So just relax and start preparing for IBPS PO Mains.

What could be the cut-off? Should I start preparing because I have done only 45 whereas others have scored 70-80? These are the questions arising in a student's mind and its pretty obvious. Still many students are struggling with the thought of not getting selected. Obviously when we see anyone posting high attempts like 70, 80 then it demotivates us and that's the human psychology. But what if you score 45 and still clear the IBPS PO Pre? All of you must be aware what happened in the month of july when SBI released the preliminary exam. We saw most of the people claiming that they scored most yet the cut-off remained moderate. So lets start digging into the process of determining cut off. You all must have seen the formula that ibps uses to determine the cut off. Frankly speaking, the formula is useless for us untill we have all the data.

Lets get back into the past a little bit. The total number of vacancies in SBI was 2000 and it was clearly mentioned that SBI is going to make 1:20 students to appear for the mains. This means for every 1 seat, 20 students appeared for the mains. This was officially mentioned in the recruitment notice. But if we compare IBPS with SBI, then we can estimate what that figure is going to be. Yes, there is no official declaration on number of vacancies in IBPS 2015. So let us not involve ourselves in any kind of estimate but yes, the seats will be much more higher and the number of students getting selected will be higher too.

We believe that our students are aware enough not to believe on rumours and specially the ones spreading the rumours in comment section. We have seen a lot of self proclaimed IBPS EXPERTS who have been declaring the cut-off even before the exam. Let us unveil the mystery and have an estimate. When the seats were 2000, then the cut-off was 47.5. As it was the first time any banking organization conducted the pre exam, so we can say that cut-off was moderate. Now comes the turn of IBPS where the aspirants and the seats are much higher. After analysing each and every prospect, we can say that cut off would be at least lesser than the SBI. It is really hard to get any concrete info on this, but it will be somewhere around 39-44. So here we are with the final figure. Friends, we have reached this conclusion after a lot of analysis. And we hope that students, who are thinking that their attempts are less, and gave up all the hope, we would like to say that you should keep your momentum going because once the results will be declared, you will have a very small window for the preparation of the mains.