Strategy for Today based on yesterdays Exam Analysis

Dear BA'ains,

Yes First day of the IBPS PO Prelims exam 2015 got over relieving those who are done with it, leaving behind their tips for the ones who are to appear tomorrow. So presenting you a compilation of tips that will pave way for your todays exam.

From Yesterday's experience what we have noticed that the pattern and level of questions were almost similar in all the 8 shifts, The exam ranged from being simple to moderate in all the shifts alike. With a clear frame of mind ,unshakable self belief and faith in God, these exam will definitely prove to be a bridge connecting you to the mains.
Now all of you know that you have approximately 1 hour to fulfill all the formalities before the exam begins. So make sure that you make full use of this hour to fast track your performance in the stipulated 1 hr.

  • First thing: Make sure that you make note of all the squares and cubes on the rough page that is provided to you if the invigilators allow you to. Trust me this will go a long way in helping you gain 2-3 marks in matter of seconds. As few questions have been asked based on squares in today's exam, so utilize the free time.
  • Second thing that you have to do during this time is to prepare your mind for the exam. Basically calm down and forget about all the past experiences, negativity that are making you nervous, and holding you back. Convince yourself to completely enjoy the experience of this mini one hour exam. Face it like a thrilling game with complete focus.
No matter how you have been faring in the speed tests, or how well or bad you have been prepared for the exam, just stop all the thought process. All you need to think about is those 3 sections, your strategies, the time you have decided to allot to each section. These thoughts will give you clarity and efficiency during the exam. Make sure you make each minute count, not a single minute should be wasted. 

  • Skim through the questions and solve the easy ones first.
  • No need to waste your time on questions which you are not sure of. Do those sections first in which you have strong command in.
Remember that these exams are a test of your management skills, i.e. how well you manage yourself ( the complete you- mind, nerves, speed, efficiency, application of what you know, etc) and are not a test of your skills, so please do not get attached to any question, no matter how good you might be in any section. A tough, complicated, time consuming question is meant to be left, if you are not being able to solve it under 2-3 minutes. You can come back to the questions you have left if time permits.

Now coming to the sectional analysis and question distribution

(Allot around 12-15 minutes maximum and then switch)
Questions asked were of the following types:

  • Reading Comprehension - 10 marks
  • Cloze Test - 5 marks
  • Para jumbles - 5 marks
  • Fillers - 5 marks
  • Errors - 5 marks
Most of the Reading Comprehension asked were lengthy in nature and tough to comprehend, advisable to straight away go to synonyms and antonyms part. Come back to the RC once you are done with the other questions of the section, and still are left with time.( but for students who are weak in English, do attempt the RC, as your aim is to clear the cutoff, skip questions which you are doubtful about.)

In the para jumbles questions, attempt the 1st and the last sentences at least if you are not sure about the rest.

Other portions that came were of direct nature barring a few twisted ones, advised best to be left. Remember the pre exams are no place to play the guessing game .

(Time allotted 20-25 Minimum)

  • 2 long puzzles - 10 marks (best to be left for the end)
  • Coding de coding - 5 marks
  • Inequalities - 5 marks
  • Syllogisms - 5 marks
  • Row puzzles with direction sense - 5 marks
  • Order and ranking puzzle - 5 marks
Apart from the long puzzles rest all were attempt-able questions, so quickly give them all a try . Again do not get attached to any question, You can come back to the puzzles after you have done accurately in the other questions.
Even if you leave the 2 puzzles, you end up losing 10 marks, but have a good chance of scoring 20-25 marks from the remaining small questions. But if you get stuck in the puzzles and end up spending all the allotted time on them, you might gain 10 marks, but will end up losing the other 20-25 marks. So weigh your choices. 

(Time allotted 25-30 minutes)

  • Series - 5 marks
  • Quadratic Equations - 5 marks
  • Simplification - 5 marks
  • DI - 2 questions were asked 1st was with missing numbers based on percentages, 2nd was based on a graph question. Both were easy and can be done in limited time.
  • Rest miscellaneous questions ranging from easy to moderate - 10 marks
Again do questions in a flow, not getting stuck on any one question as a challenge. Your aim in this section should be to solve maximum number of questions in a short time of 25-30 minutes.

Since the exam is so short, there hardly is any time to stress out, you just have to go all out and just DO IT!!

No matter what, do not forget to enjoy yourself during the exam. Do not let any negative thought drain your energy, infuse yourself with positive thoughts. Don't forget that you are eventually what you think you are!