Thursday, 31 March 2016

Current Affairs Quiz

Dear BA'ians,
We present to you a current affairs quiz to keep you updated with the happenings around you with reference to the upcoming competitive exams.This quiz will be provided to with detailed solution, to add to your knowledge base.

1. India’s Deborah Herold is associated with the game of?
a) Chess 
b) Cycling
c) Boxing 
d) Wrestling
e) Luge 

2. Which of the following teams won the first blind T20 Asia Cup in Kochi recently?
a) Pakistan 
b) India
c) Bangladesh 
d) Sri Lanka
e) None of these 

3. Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to the Republic Day celebrations 2016?
a) The French president Francois Hollande was the guest of honour. 
b) It was 67th Republic Day of India.
c) The firstever foreign military group (French army) marched in the parade. 
d) Army dog squad returned after 26 years.
e) None of these

4. Who among the following is NOT a Padma awardee from the field of sports at the Padma Awards 2016?
a) Deepika Kumari 
b) Saina Nehwal
c) Sania Mirza 
d) PV Sindhu
e) None of these

5. The Defence minister Manohar Parrikar recently laid the foundation stone of Jharkhand Raksha Shakti University. With this, Jharkhand has become the third state to have Raksha Shakti University after which of the following states?
a) Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan 
b) Punjab and Haryana
c) Punjab and Uttarakhand 
d) Uttarakhand and Rajasthan
e) Gujarat and Rajasthan 

6. The French firm EDF has signed an MoU with India’s NPCIL for the construction of six EPR nuclear reactors at Jaitapur in which of the following state?
a) Tamil Nadu 
b) Gujarat
c) Haryana 
d) Punjab
e) Maharashtra

7. The World Poetry day is observed on which date? 
a) October 6 
b) June 18 
c) April 7 
d) March 21
e) March 26

8. Who has been chosen for CV Kunhiraman Literary Prize, recently? 
a) N Nandishwar 
b) M Sukumaran 
c) M Mukundan 
d) Hashim Rajan
e) None of these

9. Which country has recently signed refugee deal with European Union? 
a) Iran 
b) Turkey 
c) Russia 
d) Saudi Arabia
e) Greece 

10. Who has won 2016 Men’s Singles BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament? 
a) Rafael Nadal 
b) Roger Federer 
c) Novak Djokovic 
d) Milos Raonic
e) None of these 

11. The list of 20 smart cities out of the 98 shortlisted for the 'Smart Cities Mission' was released recently. Which of the following cities is NOT one among them?
a) Bhubaneswar, Odisha 
b) Patna, Bihar
c) Jaipur, Rajasthan 
d) Surat, Gujarat
e) Kochi, Kerala

12. India became the world’s largest exporter of rice in 2015. Doing so, it replaced which of the following countries from the top position?
a) China
b) Indonesia
c) Thailand 
d) Myanmar
e) Bangladesh

13. India and Armenia signed protocol amending the IndiaArmenia Double Taxation Avoidance Convention (DTAC) recently. The capital city of Armenia is?
a) Belmopan 
b) Nassau
c) Tirana 
d) Yerevan
e) Luanda 

14. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Govt of India recently signed an $80mn loan pact to continue improving infrastructure in two northeastern state capital cities?
a) Dispur and Itanagar 
b) Itanagar and Agartala
c) Kohima and Imphal 
d) Agartala and Aizwal
e) Imphal and Kohima

15. The Supreme Court recently appointed Justice Sanjay Mishra as the new Lokayukta of which state?
a) Delhi 
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Gujarat 
d) Maharashtra
e) Himachal Pradesh

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