Congratulations From BA

I am Bankers Adda,

I still remember the day, when you were anxiously waiting for exam notifications. You had a dream in your eyes, but you had those apprehensions, whether I can actually make it. You had the confidence in you that I can do it but still worried, what if I clear the written but get stuck in interview.

After collecting all the courage, you had decided that I will prepare for a government job. Since then life has not been easy. Every day, I could see the guilt of taking money from parents in your eyes. I saw you almost crying, when someone asked your mom, what your son is doing?

I still remember, when you avoid meeting one of your neighbour and a old friend, just because he/she will ask what are you doing? You had thought that I will reply by my actions and not by words.

The worst part was waiting for final results, when you felt so helpless because you could not do anything but to wait.

Success never comes easy, it comes with lot of struggle and sacrifices. Today's success is a culmination of your many months hard work, sleepless nights and perseverance,

I saw you almost in tears when you came to know that you have been selected finally. It took time to sink in. Mother almost cried when you told her about your selection.

Life has changed now. You are an achiever now. You are a bankers now.

Many congrats on your success. I bow to your courage and struggle. You have done it.

I feel proud and honoured to be part of your journey.  I wish you happy beginnings to the start of a new chapter in your life.