Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Work HARD, Dream BIG

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more wisely” This maxim is apt for all those who are feeling dejected after the IBPS clerk and P.O results. But friends, as we have said earlier, this failure is also nothing but an opportunity to begin again. So, forget the failures of the past and brush up yourself for the bigger and better opportunities that the future holds for you. One such opportunity has been provided by SBI, the largest bank of India, to all the future bankers.

The recruitment for 15000 + vacancies for the clerical cadre is really an opportunity which you should strive for and look forward to cash in on. SBI is in a league of its own, from the salary package to the brand name, SBI is at par with any international banking institution. The fact that SBI has more than 30,000 branches nationally and internationally, shows how much exposure an employee is liable to get and how much he can excel professionally. But again, the key remains to be your ‘hardwork’ and ‘Indefatigable efforts’.

Most of you must have realized that a little more efforts and practice would have let you cross the winning line successfully. But friends, don’t get disheartened, rather get up and prepare yourself for the future opportunities. Yes, the competition would be tougher this time! Yes, the number of candidates would also be higher this time! But remember, if you’ll keep preparing sincerely, your proficiencies and competencies will also be more vigorous this year! If you had prepared sincerely for IBPS you would be well versed with all the happenings around the world, your formulae and concepts of quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability would be lucid enough to be applied in exam. Your vocabulary would be brushed up. So, in a nutshell, your base is ready, all you need is an icing on the cake, in order to taste the sweet success in the exam and the ultimately in your life.

The pattern of the exam is almost similar as that of last year's IBPS exam. However, the amalgamation of reasoning ability and computer aptitude has come out as a blessing in disguised, especially for the candidates from non-IT background as we have seen many candidates flunking in this particular section (computer aptitude). So as we have referred in our previous articles as well, ‘no failure is final until you stop trying’, it’s time to boost your morale and muster all strength and capabilities for the bigger battle ahead. Lastly , Keep working hard, work on your deficiencies and give as many mocks as you can because ‘the more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war’. Stay dedicated, and ultimately you’ll surely be anointed with success and reverence in life.

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