Top Five Reasons - Why Adda 247 is a Must Have App

Dear all,

Within less than one month of the launch of Adda 247 App, the app has emerged as the best educational app on google playstore. We are pleased to inform you that now Adda 247 App is being used by more than 4,00,000 users on daily basis.

Here are the top five reason - why Adda 247 mobile app can be a really helpful tool in your studies -

1. Everything at the same place: Adda 247 Mobile app is a one stop platform for all your preparation needs. The App contains - Current Affairs, Bankers Adda Posts, SSC Adda Posts, Quizzes, all Adda 247 Videos, Competition Power Magazine, GK Capsules etc.

2. Insta Access - Read Offline : Most of the contents likes quizzes, capsules etc can be downloaded in your mobile and then you can read them as per your convenience. Once it has been downloaded, there is no dependency in internet and hence the access becomes incredibly fast.

3. Book-marks: You can book mark your favourite content and revise/review it later. So, this way, you will be able to create a repository of important shortlisted items, which can be studies any time.

4. Time Bound Practice Quizzes: One the most important aspect of competitive exams is time management. In Adda 247 App all quizzes can be practised in a time bound manner. All the quizzes of BA and SA have been provided in the app in the form of time-bound quizzes. Best part is that you can give these time-bound quizzes on that go - while you are travelling.

5. Additional Quizzes: Not only this, you will get lot of additional quizzes daily, which are called - "Adda 247 Special Quizzes". These quizzes are not available on BA or SA.

So essentially, Adda 247 app is meant for On The Go Learning. App can be of tremendous help if used properly. We believe it is a must have app for all government job aspirants. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download the App and see the Power of the App on your own -