ADDA247: How to improve English Language Section?

Dear Readers,

Have you guys noticed that a lot of you manage to clear the cut off for subjects like Reasoning, Maths, Computer, GA section quite easily, but when it comes to English, you lose out!! Which is quite sad actually! Just because of one subject you end up losing out on an exam and sometimes a year.

Not to worry friends, we are here to help you out of this problem of yours. Given below is a video, that will not only encourage you to take English head on, but also will no longer let it be a cause of fear for you.
English language is important not only for competitive exams but also in real life situations.  It can provide you world exposure as well as it empowers and influence your thought process. 

So, in this interactive video session we will be discussing how to improve your English, how to attempt questions in English Language section and hence, how to secure good marks!

In the upcoming days, we will be providing more such videos and they will be available on our Youtube channel viz. ADDA247. If you wish to subscribe to our channel then click on the below image.

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