April Revision Class 15

1. What is the full form of UJALA?

2. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) entered into collaboration with which country's government for a special programme on ‘Soil Protection and Rehabilitation for Food Security’?

3. Who won the prestigious Mandela Gra├ža Machel Innovation Award 2016 in Bogota, Colombia?

4. When is the International Jazz Day observed?

5. Name the Senior IPS officer who was appointed as the Director General (DG) of Railways Protection Force (RPF).

6. Who was confirmed as 29th test cricket captain of New Zealand cricket Team?

7. India extended a Line of Credit (LoC) of 1 billion US dollars to which country?

8. Which note won the International Bank Note Society (IBNS) Banknote of the Year Award for 2015?

9. Which country successfully launched the Kunpeng1B sounding rocket from a launch pad in Danzhou City?

10. Who is the author of Blood on my Hands: Confessions of Staged Encounters?