Banking Quiz for Bank exams and SBI Clerk

1. "Channel Financing" means? 
A.financing of supply-delivery chain, i.e., dealers of identified large corporate entities financed by banks
B.laying of agricultural canals 
C.financing through NBFCs 
D.none of the above

 2. "Clause 49" is associated with? 
A.Corporate Governance
B.Retail Trading 
C.Income Tax 

3. The Headquarter of Asian Development Bank (ADB) is at? 
C.Hong Kong 

4. "Form 61" is associated with? 
A.persons not in receipt of taxable income 
B.persons with agricultural income
C.both A and B 
D.None of the above

5. Which one of the following is not correctly matched? 
A.Rural Credit        : NABARD 
B.Industrial Finance : SIDBI 
C.Rural poverty         : SJSRY
D.Disguised         : Subsistence unemployment agriculture 

6. What is the correct sequence of nationalisation of the following institutions? 
1.State Bank of India 
2.Bank of Baroda 
3.Reserve Bank of India 
Select the correct answer using the codes given below: 
A.3, 2, 1
B.3, 1, 2
C.2, 3, 1 
D.2, 1, 3 

7. "White Card" is a?
A.Co-branded Credit Card without logo of the issuer 
B.Credit Card with logo of both issuer and sponsorer
C.Litchi Card issued in Uttaranchal 
D.Card used in football by referee 

8. A "Red Clause" Letter of Credit is? 
A.when opening bank advises the advising bank to give advance to the exporter 
B.when advising bank informs the opening bank about credit given to exporter 
C.all the clauses are printed in red 
D.none of the above 

9. Apart from the multiple Personal Identification Number (PIN) facility, the security features available in the smart card to prevent card-related crimes and frauds are? 
A.Dynamic Signature Verification 
B.Voice Recognition System 
C.Retinal Pattern Verification, Finger Print Verification and Vein Verification 
D.Visual Recognition 

10. A bank normally does not have to deal with an issue related to? 
A.payments and settlement systems 
B.constractual rights of creditors 
C.intellectual property right
D.cases of insolvency