Banking and Financial Awareness for SBI / IBPS Exams

1. The RBI has given permission for cash withdrawal at “POS terminals”. What is the full form of “POS”?
Permitted on Sale
Potential of Service
Point of Sale
Permission of Sale

2. Which of the following is NOT a banking related term?
SME Finance

3. “Doing Business Report” is prepared by which of the following organizations every year?
Asian Development Bank (ADB)
World Bank
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
World Trade Organisation (WTO)

4. “Yen” is the currency of?
South Korea
North Korea

5. Many times we read in financial newspapers/magazines about Systematic Investment Plans(SIPs). SIPs are an investment option also operated in the mode of?
Mutual Funds
Small Savings Schemes in Post Offices
National Pension Fund
National Saving Certificates

6. Who amongst the following has suggested to the banks in India to give details of fund transfers to customers via SMS/E-mails?
Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
India Bank’s Association (IBA)
India Institute of Banking & Finance
Securities & Exchange Board of India

7. A new Foreign Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG has launched it's operations in India recently. This is a bank based in?
None of the above

8. The Executive head of the Reserve Bank of India is designated as the?
Chief Executive Officer
Managing Director
Chief Banking Officer

9. Whenever RBI does Open Market Operation Transaction, actually it wishes to regulate which of the following?
Inflation only
Liquidity in economy
Borrowing powers of the banks
Flow of Foreign Direct Investments

10. In economics it is generally believed that the main objective of a Public Sector Financial Company like Bank is to?
Employ more and more people
Maximize total profits
Maximize total production
Provide financial service to the people of the nation having origin across the country