Saturday, 11 June 2016

Banking and Financial Awareness for NABARD/SBI/IBPS

1. SEBI is a? 
A.Statutory body
B.Advisory body
C.Constitutional body
D.Non-statutory body

2. When was the SAARC established? 
A.On December 8, 1983
B.On January 1, 1984
C.On December 8, 1985
D.On January 1, 1985

3. NABARD was established on the recommendation of the? 
A.Public Accounts Committee
B.Shivaraman Committee
C.Narsimham Committee
D.All of the above

4. ‘Smart Money’ is term used for? 
A.Internet Banking
B.Cash with Public
C.Cash with Bank
D.Credit Card

5. The National Stock Exchange recently launched Interest Rate Futures (IRF). IRF in fact is a? mode of trading specifically for SME sector mode of trading
C.electronic mode of transferring money from one account to another  
D.safest and fastest mode of trading at all stock exchanges of India simultaneously

6. The Infrastructure Development Bank of India (IDBI) has it's Headquarter in? 
A.New Delhi  
C.Bangalore (Bengluru)

7. The guarantor of a customer’s account has the right? inspect the account in the bank’s books be provided with the statement of the account be informed only about the extent of his liability be provided with all the information about the way the account is conducted

8. Internet marketing involves? 
A. Online marketing
B. e-marketing
C. Both A and B
D. None of these

9. What is operational risk? 
A.Risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes
B.Failure of people and system may also cause risk
C.Operational risk may also be caused due to external events
D.All of the above

10. Financial Market consists of? 
A.Foreign exchange
B.Debt Instruments
D.All of these

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